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Arguments with the wife - day 16 into 17

I have noticed that I am arguing with the wife alot more often now and I know it is duwe to my short temper. I haven't had much in the way of side effects since quitting, but this is probably the worst. We have been arguing alot over the last few days and last night we sat down and discussed our issues for over an hour. We made some breakthroughs because my wife isn't very good when it comes to explaining how she feels about things. So, I understand what she feels a bit better now and she the same for me.

We are a relatively young couple, not quite in our thirties, but I hope that we remain together well into our old age.

Let me just make it clear that I love my wife dearly, she is a wonderful person, but I think I am just a little less tolerant of bad manners / rudeness at the moment.

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Thanks for the support guys. I obviously do not want to argue with my wife, especially when she and daughter are my whole world. I will endure, bite my tounge and pull through. Thanks again.


I hate arguing with my wife, she's always right :mad:

I've not been falling out with anyone at home or in my close proximity of friends thankfully, but I've never been an angry person so it would shock them to the core if I started now.


Malvin, your wife and mine have something in common then :p.

I am not a very angry person in general, mostly I just try and keep the peace and have a short dig if I have to, but I have been known to lose it on occassion, which believe me is something that gets laughed at quite alot later when I realise that I am mostly at fault. :(


Owt for an easy life me :)


I can't thank my husband enough for his unending patience with me during those early days. With me, it wasn't just that I was snappy (though I was) but I was also a real wet blanket- I felt thoroughly out of sorts and fed up with everything. All I wanted to do was crawl under a stone and not come out for six months. Poor OH- I don't think it was the best Christmas he ever had so I am intending to make it up to him this year. Indeed, I've already started singing carols when doing the housework which is probably driving him mad come to think of it. :)

I/m sure your wife will understand Tony, and cut you some slack. Remember, you're both adapting to being parents too, so there are a whole raft of changes in your lives to get to grips with at the moment. It's no wonder you're both finding your emotions are rather close to the surface. The main thing is that you're talking about how you feel and giving each other space and support in equal measure, and you'll both be stronger (as will your relationship) as a result of your shared experiences.

Anyway, I'll stop spouting cliches now and just wish you well (and congratulate you on your mighty achievement so far). All the best to you both. :D


Good to clear the air and as the others have said I'm sure your wife will understand you aren't alone with your irritability but it will get easier, bite your tongue and get your wife some flowers as way of apology for being a grump :)


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