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No Smoking Day
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Hi there newbie and on day 17

Hello just found this forum so thought i would drop in and say hi i've been smoking since i was 13 and decided it was about time to stop due to the smell, cost, health benefits etc etc.

I tried firstly with the patches but they were making me ill so i saw my gp who has prescribed me champix i'm now on second day on them and had a terrible night last night i didn't fall asleep till 6 in the morning but had no other symptoms and havent had the urge to smoke so thats good.

Have felt awful last couple of days though with an awful cold and now can feel a cough coming on with swolen glands etc does anybody know how long this lasts for.

Catch up with you all later good luck to everybody else out there. ;)

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HI Sambo

Day seventeen thats really great Keep Posting this is a great site for support Buffy will be on later To give you some really good advice Well done so far Linda


Hi Welcome to the mad house:D Like Linda says Buffy is our expert here - if you look through the posts you will find some stuff from others on Champix.

I still get a slightly sore throat and my tongue's very sensitive but if any symptom lasts long or you're worried see your GP...

So glad you decided to join us...keep us posted:)



Hello Sambo and welcome to the site :D

17 days! well done! and having to pass through the patch woopsie too! glad you didn't give in and sought alternative advice x x good attitude! x x

The 'quitters flu' sucks and you will find many here if not everyone! has suffered with it!

Unfortunately there is no set time to it, as it depends on so many factors, how long smoked, how much smoked, how healthy normally etc etc!

You can search here for 'cough' 'sore throat' 'phlegm' or 'flu' to see others experiences! Nice huh :p

The only practical thing is to look after it, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Take extra vitamin C and eat healthily, little and often.

The cough will become more productive with time to dispel the build up of tar etc on your lungs so don't freak out (Like i did! :D ) when the phlegm becomes brown n flecked :D

Remember though, not everything you experience will be quit related. If you develop a fever or become quite unwell you should seek medical help from your Doctor / GP

Keep up the good work and keep us posted! Buffy

He he Linda n loops are making me blush! x x


Thanks lot for the welcomes and helpful advice all especially buffy ;)

On day 3 of champix now and cant remember going to sleep last night either lol so tonight im going to have a drink with the girls that is sure to knock me out :D



One must remember to keep the other rewards, :D if you cant do one you have to do the other!?

We do our best but we are human !!

x x x x


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