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No Smoking Day
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Day 17

Well its day 17.

My heart goes out to the others on here that are really trying to beat this thing but for some reason are finding it hard to endure or that have given in to a cigarette or two and see that as failure. And for that reason I am more than a little embarassed to admit that Ive found this a lot easier than I could ever have imagined. Thats 2 1/2 weeks with nothing other than a slight desire to smoke. And for the last 3 days or so its hardly crossed my mind.Today it was lunchtime before I even thought about smoking.... Ive started to breath easier, taste and smell better , feel better and of course I dont stink .

I have to say though ,that it for me,it has all been in my mind. If you get your head round the fact you are NOT going to smoke again. ...That of course you are going to miss it .. just like if you could never have chocolate ...or coffee or whatever again you would miss them but you are not going to come to greif without them.

Be happy and proud that youve gone a few hrs or that youve made it through 10 minutes of 'craving' or that youve done your 1st day...that youve done your 1st week or whatever..

Try not to get down and brood over it with a frown, not understanding why its so bad or hard.. Just smile ( Daft as it sounds it does make it easier to deal with), be happy about what youve acheived .. Of course there will be the odd moment when its difficult , after all youve been doing this for all of your adult life , youve got used to it, overly comfortable, youve been doing it without a 2nd thought for years. But you can stop , you will stop youve just got to know it....

Anyway thats enough preaching for me and sorry if its sounds patronising..

All the best with your quit..


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Andy that was great, Im still sat here sobbing I know im daft but I worked so hard and fell. I will do it again see what dr says on Friday and if he says I can use champix I will if not then I will have to build myself up again. Just wish i could stop feeling sorry for myself.

Well done to you it sounds like you had the right frame of mind extra big hug X


Hi Andy :D

17 days is brilliant well done you and I am really pleased that you have found it easier than you expected

But a Little word of warning be wary of those Nico Demons they can creep up when you least expect it with their mind games

No your post doesn't sound patronising at all it just sounds very, very happy





My brother lived on a 40 foot narrow boat for 6 yrs or so when he went through his 'bohemian' :rolleyes:stage.. he loved it.. I personally would want something a bit wider . Now a dutch barge would be different.

As for the boat we are building its 14 foot long by 5 foot wide and had a small cabin where two/three people could sleep providing they arnt too shy!. There will be room for a stove and obviously an ice box full of beer...:)

i will try to link a pic soon... NO LAUGHING!Its not like we know what we are doing...:D


theres a couple more


Andy.... congrats on doing so well! Some are so lucky to be able to make that switch in their mind.... my ex quit 6 years ago and it was extremely easy for him and he said he even enjoyed the process (Allen Carr) but for most of us this 'mind switch' does not come as easy..... just be cautious though.... if it is so easy for you to stop it is also easy to go back! Great post... very positive!



I am not going to take the nic demons too seriously ... That suggests they are hard to beat.. ;)

Know what you mean though..

Thankls for the comments..

Andy .................. a smoke.....me..... never:D


Well done Andy, you are doing great- and i liked your post-interesting read-bloody hell is that boat water tight!!!!?


bloody hell is that boat water tight!!!!?

We hope so... The bottom foot ( the black bit ) is epoxy coated... Its a sheltered water only boat..


Hey congrats! Am also on day 17, and have also found it surprisingly ok :D

I think the difference is "I want to be a non smoker" and I don't look at cigarettes as being that forbidden treat that I have on previous quit attempts.

I now know you have to truly WANT to quit, and do it for yourself before anyone else...

I am doing NHS stop smoking, but finding the guy a bit unhelpful - like he looks at his watch a few times, doesn't really listen and seems to do everything on a kind of "stereotypical" basis - like I had already stopped for a week when I did my first one and he's only just set my quit date as he says most people go for 2 weeks before they stop...and also he is encouraging me to use my inhalator but I've been fine most of the time without it...Hmm anyway - going to keep at it just for the added support.


Hi Coralie :D

well done on 18th day of your quit your guy sounds really bad like he is only going to try aand make you do what he wants but there again in my opinion most of them in the NHS are like that

This is your quit so you do what's right for you and if you don't need the inhalor don't use it but as you say keep it for added support after all nobody knows you better than you do

Hi Andy :D

Well done to you as well on day 18 looks like that boat will be nice when finished so have fum both building and using it

Love to you both



Good going coralie.

Shame about the so called help your getting from the nhs.. Seems they have a set formula they apply to everyone.. Do whats right for you and be proud of what youve done so far..


Cheers for the boat coments guys/girls.. As you can see its not exactly an ocean cruiser...:D


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