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day 17 in the big brother house?


hehe, couldnt help myself.

So yeah I spend the weekends over at my boyfriends familys house so sorry for lack in posting. I am still smoke free. Not craving cigarettes so much now but feel like I need a mint every so often.

I suppose thats better than craving a dirty fag stick!

I have bought some polos, but that didnt take my mind off the lozenges. Im going to go out at lunch time and buy some soft mints. I need to find a mint that works lolz

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I might go to the pound shop and get one of those bags of mixed mints :-)

I just printed out a keep calm and hakuna matata poster for my desk at work. I just had a stressful moment, thou shall not smoke!

haha gob, i havent heard that word in ages, Im definately going to have to start a hobby after xmas, Im going to be putting on so much weight!

yep we do, have you ever put one in a bottle of coke? I havent but I would like to heehee

Why, what happens when you mix Mentos with coke?? :D I think we should be told so we can all play...

Incidentally, having become a bit of a sugar-free gum connoisseur since I simultaneously quit and started dieting (I've been slighly addiicted to sugar-free gum ever since) may I reommend Wrigleys ' Pulse' and 'Turbulence'? Yum! :p

Good on you Sparkle by the way- you're doing fantastically well and should be extremely proud of yourself. :)

thanks Skiddaw, you tube the mentos and coke thing if you havent seen it :-D Definately something to put on my to-do list hehee

would it be fair to say that most people on this website have an addictive personality. Im really trying not to get addicted to other things. Its really hard.

I will probably get addicted to cleaning, or foods, or something D:

I am a little worried

Just looked it up. Wow......:D:D:D...Guess what I'm going to do this holiday?? Oohh- I'm coming over all 10 years old again....

And you're probably right Sparkle. It would make sense wouldn't it? I think I've become a little addicted to exercise actually (as well as sugar-free gum). At least my current addictions are relatively good for me I suppose. :rolleyes:

we should all do a mento coke thing on a milestone date, it would be inexpensive fireworks :cool:

Well done Sparkle. I bought some compliments from Aldi at the weekend and I'm alternating them with the lozenges now. They're like smints and similar shape to lozenges. They're doing the trick! I've done the coke and mento thing!

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