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Day 17 and into week 3

Hi everyone,

Forgot I was on day 17 till I saw someones else's post then thought, Oooo, I am too lol.

I have to say I feel a bit c**p today :( No craves but just feeling down. Lost all motivation at work (for work) last week for various reasons which I then took into the weekend. Not a good idea becuase I couldn't be bothered to do anything at home either :( As a smoker I would have had the fags to get me through feeling like that & now I don't.

I don't want to smoke, I won't smoke. I don't do that anymore. I think I need to give myself a kick up the a**e & get my mind & body moving.

I always find it harder the longer into a quit I go hence many failed attempts around the 3 month mark. Maybe it's just down to the dreaded 3's this week. Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself today.

Right, that's it. A**e kicked, stop moaning G & get on with life ;)

I hope everyone is feeling good today.

Gaynor xx

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Thanks Gaynor, that's just give me a kick up the ass too :D

I'm at home today so just done some sit-ups and press-ups to take my mind off it.................. now where did i put my coffee and cream cake?;)


Hiya Gaynor,

Well, you've got the right attitude, haven't you? and you know that smokers smoke to avoid feeling all sorts of emotions or dealing with certain situations as it all translates to 'I want a fag'... As long as you remember that you'll be fine.

Maybe you're thinking about the terrible 3s a bit too much and it's all in your head... seeing as you've now had a few failed attempts at the 3 month mark it could be starting to psych you out.

Remember, you're allowed to feel sorry for yourself :) but try not to!


Well done Gaynor, day 17, same as me.

We all get wee down days, becasue we are giving up ciggies we associate the down feeling becasue of the ciggies, when infact it could just be a bad day.

Keep the spirits up. You are doing so well!!



Hi Gaynor, you are doing just great. The down bit comes with the stopping for some of us but should't last too long. If you have a look around some people took St John's Wart to help. Have a look in the Symptoms section in my sig, there is quite a lot there to help with the understanding of what happens when we stop.

Keep going each day takes you closer to feeling great.



im right there with 17:) im a bit moody myself. i was on my way to work this morning wondering why i am depressed today??? thinking about cigs a little but nothing i cant push away!! we cant turn back now..we have come so far!! take it easy and remember this to shall pass!!:)


Hiya Gaynor - sorry you're feeling a bit flat today hun. Don't you worry about the terrible 3's - both of us in the past have been caught out by these right? We wont this time though :) even if the others have to come and beat us with a big stick and lock us in a dark room for a month, we'll get through it. :D

I do hope you feel more 'up beat' soon, you're a great support to others on here, I could sing you a little song if you like :D

Big hugs

Tinks xx


Do you think singing would be wise Tinks ;) :D

Jackie x


Sorry you are feeling off Gaynor. If you really want a laugh, I could singalong with Tinks! You might need earplugs.


Thanks Camperpete, did you save me a cake????? Like the warm turkey in your signature, made me laugh.

Didn't think about the terrible 3's SLB till I was posting my thread, just thought it may be to do with that but maybe looking for a reason that is just not there lol.

Thanks for the kick Joan but I now have 2 sore cheeks!!

Your right about getting down days whether we smoke or not Jill. I think I just got up feeling down & grumpy & first thought in the morning even though vague now is about cigarrettes! Was just a wee bit stronger today.

Thanks Jackie, a;ways there to gee me along :D Can't take St. Johns Wort as already on happy pills lol. I will try to do some more reading tonight or tomorrow & give myself a boost & a reminder.

Hope your feeling better now imaquitter? I am only looking forwards, never back as far as those nasty fags are concerned.

Tinks, Jackie & Ellie. If you want to sing girls go for it. I won't join in, if you heard me you'd know why. I only sing when I have had a few & it's a school night lol.

Your right Tinks, we have both gathered enough experience to beat the 3's good & proper this time.

You'll be glad to hear that the various kicks I received today did the trick. Made myself get on with all the stuff i didn't (couldn't be bothered) to do last week & felt better for it. Still fighting the grumpy feeling that washes over me occasionally so bit of a battle going on. Just wish the evenings where lighter. Coming home in the dark to the dark is not ehlping my mood. Especially when I looked out of the window at work today to see a lovely blue sky & could not enjoy it.

Anyway, another day done. Day 18 tomorrow & well into week 3 :eek:

Hope everyone is feeling strong & happy.

Gaynor xx


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