No Smoking Day

:-(((( - A bad series of days

I read it on here when I first gave up - when I was feeling really TOP OF THE WORLD - that it can happen that after the initial euphoria of 'giving up' has worn off, things turn a bit more difficult than you thought those first days would be.

I shrugged that off at the time. I was feeling 'too?' confident.

The past twelve days (ie. week 3 onwards) have been a total mare.... not nicotine craving so much, although, yes, I do crave from time to time, but more - then tiredness, the self doubt, the low moments when ('it' inside you) is saying that you're not gonna make it etc. I've been off work because I tried to drive to work and I started to fall asleep - I couldn't concentrate. Hey - they don't tell you about *that* on the NRT packages (but they do hide it away in the 'possible side effects 'tiredness'') - yeah we all get that - every day - so it should read 'debilitating tiredness - do not drive or use machinery if affected' - that's what should be on the packet.... but they wouldn't like *that* would they? It would kill sales in an instant.

Anyway - before I put '2 & 2' together, I went to my doctor and told him that I had given up and he shrugged it off and just said 'blood tests' and check heart/lungs/etc - all ok - here's a certificate if you don't wanna go to work..... Hang ON!!!! I *do* want to go to work - but I do *NOT* want to feel like a piece of lettuce drooping all over the place. 'Next... please'.

So - my GP dismissed me - I spent ages searching the internet trying to find out what might be 'wrong with me' - during which I diagnosed everything from rabies to HIV - and then after I've done myself further into the ground - I arrive at this my latest 'diagnosis' - it's the darn NRT.

Oh my days.


Meercat <--- Worn out in almost every way. Clinging on by a thread now.

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Can understand where you are coming from, was very tierd in first few weeks, at work lunchtimes I was fall asleep and believe me that is not me, felt terrible when got home, when did go to bed slept so heavily felt ill in the mornings, now feel very bloated and fat (mind you have put on weight - too many doughnuts and crisps etc in other peoples rooms and quizs). Stay strong, it will pass and we will be here (hear - lol ) for you.

xxxxx Pupaplup xxxxxx


Hi there meercat,

Sorry to hear you are feeling down,

I must admit I think it does hit you like that after the excitement had worn off, I gave up for 3 months last year with patches and felt exactly the same.

I didn't need a cig it was just like I felt down and convinced myself that giving up smoking had made me depressed so I started again. What an idiot!

Please please don't be stupid and give in now, after you have got so far and like you say, its not really the cravings it is just how you feel.

I have been off work for 8 weeks and all I do is sleep, I think just quitting makes you feel tired whatever method you are using.

Just keep telling yourself how well you have done and keep thinking of all the reasons you wanted to give up in the first place.

We are all here for you and believe me if you give in now, you will kick yourself after a couple of days for giving in!

Stay strong, good luck,

Befly x x:) :)


Dear Meercat

Just think for each minute , hour and day you do you will never have to live through those moments again. You have done so brilliantly - so well. You need to give yourself a treat. How about a nice movie with someone yummy like Ewan McGregor!!!



Thanks Pupalup and befly - words of encouragement much needed at the mo.


I have been off work for 8 weeks and all I do is sleep, I think just quitting makes you feel tired whatever method you are using.

If this is what lies ahead - I've got triple trouble on my hands..... Work... Wife & kids ... and... me will get fed up.

To make matters worse - I've 'got this idea' that NRT is bad stuff. Therefore I've not bought any more of the inhalators. But I have two nasal sprays spare. I only went and sprayed the nasal spray into the inhalator cartridge - so now the inhalator does not work at all - it's all bunged up. I feel like I wanna eat it. No can do. Therefore - I'm down to nasal spray (only) and this afternoon I just thought 'to hell with it all' just use the nasal spray regardless of the instructions which say 'twice an hour - max'. Just go with it - rather than that 100 yard walk to the shop... that sells....

One thing adds strength to me...... this is seriusly f*** off bad stuff that's going on - and I don't want to go through it again. Therefore - I have to see it through. Might lose my job. Hopefully not the wife and children.

Sir Walter Raleigh was it? Who introduced tobacco to this country.... And.... *we've* been paying for the privilege of getting ourselves into this situation. I want a refund!!!

What a total load it is...!!!


Dear Meercat

Sorry to hear about the rough ride you're having with the nrt etc. Listen, I bet you're wife is proud of you for giving up and your kids (if they're old enough). But to be honest the most important person that matters in all this is you and you have to be proud of yourself for getting to two months? Over 60 days!!! That feels like an eternity to me at the moment. Sometimes life does seem so overwhelming especially if we're low and tired. Take some time to just be still and you and work out things - a plan if you like of dealing with the things that bother you one at a time - not all together. Just one at a time.

Good luck Meercat we're all rooting for you.



Big hugs to you meercat x x x x

Sorry you have been struggling, try not to let everything get on top all at once!!

Just try and break everything down into bite sized chunks and deal with everything one bite at a time.

Chew nicotine gum, eat inhalators :D anything to keep you free from smoke!

write everything down, all the diversion tactics , your goals, issues that can be broken down just go list mad!!

then prioritise your to do's and order your goal bites then give yourself a treat, a long soak? an hour playtime with the kids? just something that makes you chill and smile.

Don't struggle along with everything at once we don't want a burnt out meercat x x ~Buffy x x


Awwww chin up, keep strong (im slightly worried i feel like wiltered lettuce even when i smoked)

I think these patches affect people in different ways, cause last time i gave up a few years back, i was on patches for 2 weeks, came off them and found it easy .. i lasted 3 months, until my nan died and i hit rock bottom and my grandfather gave me a fag.

But maybe you should take some multivitamins and join a gym, this is what i was doing and i felt better than i ever felt during week 4 to 3 months. i was just stupid and weak when my nan died (so regret that, otherwise it would be 2 years none smokin) :D

Remeber you have got so far and congrats on that, WELL DONE :)


Meercat, come on mate, you can do it, we are all rooting for you.

Go kick the cat if that helps. There is a picture in resizing thread that you could kick if you like, sorry steveh, thought this might help meercat no relfection on you at all, will turn you back shortly.


xxxxx Pupalup xxxxx


C'Mon Meercat, you can do this, you can get through, each day, each will get better.


Evening mae,

Hows the birthday going?? :D I'll have a glass of Wine in celebration for you :D


Evening mae,

Hows the birthday going?? I'll have a glass of Wine in celebration for you

Wine's luffly - had some with lunch and some now...mmmmmm, don't usually drink so this is a treat:D Tastes really nice too - off to cook the curry (well heat it up...)


hehehehe glad your not slaving over it :p enjoy x x x x

:D ~Buffy x x


It will get easier

Doooooooode !! You gotta stay strong now after doing the hard bit !!! You know that you'd have to go through that again if you decided to give up being as strong as you have been so far !!

You're doing a fantastic job; your wife and kids are no-doubt really proud of ya - and you've got the cast of Ben Hur on this site rooting for ya !!!

You can do it fella !! We're here for you ! 24/7

Take it easy on yourself !!:D


Hi Meercat. Keep up the good work.:)

We now are on day 52 and like you we were feeling absolutely shattered for a number of weeks.

Glad to say that this now seems to be settling down.:) Now feel a lot better.

You can do it. Never thought I could but now feel like it is possible.

Don't give up giving up.

:) :)


Well, with that sort of a following wind as above - how can I fail?

Thanks - all - for your support at this difficult time. I'm as determined as ever to not give in. Maybe yesterday was the pinacle of the pain. I do hope so.

Thanks all - again.

Meercat <---- A happier meercat today. :D


Ahhhh yes i can see you, looking so much more chilled today!! well done x x

~Buffy x x


I was squinting my eyes and trying to work out the tail!!

Meercat? that is your tail isn't it hun :confused:


You've all been inspiring

I am a 51 year old Canadian male who has smoked regularly since 1974. I have tried many, many things to quit. Any success I have had (1 year in the 1980s and 9 months in 2001) has been through cold turkey - until now!

I am on day 47 of not smoking and am using Champix - my wife says that this is the first quit I've done where she hasn't wanted to suffocate me with a pillow while I slept. I've yelled at no one and I have a teenager!

My champix day 8 which was my first planned quit day and it was also moving day - I blew it by 2 p.m. and moved my quit day to day 15 - it worked out really, really well by that day I had begun to look at the smoke in my hand and wondered what was I doing?? No pleasure or rush from the butt - my favourite brand was like smoking a herbal.

Anyway - noe of you knew it as I hadn't registered but I have been reading your posts for support and inspiration since the first days of my quit.

Thanks from across the pond!


Heya Cleg x x

Welcome to the site x x

What an amazing achievement!!

I am glad you have got something from us here too :)

And other people thinking it's too late! will read your post and feel motivated to quit!

Keep posting and stay strong x x

~Buffy x x


Hi cleghorn,

Welcome, it is weird coz you forget there are lots of people out there, all reading these posts and not actually joining in with the forum. Lets hope we are all helping someone to give up.

You have done really well, I am only on day 19 but I have found that champix is pretty good.

Keep it up cleg and keep us posted,

Befly x x:D :D


:eek: I was squinting my eyes and trying to work out the tail!!

Meercat? that is your tail isn't it hun :confused:


You always have to lower the tone! I would never have noticed that! lol:D :D

Befly x x




You always have to lower the tone! I would never have noticed that! lol:D :D

Befly x x

Not always!! if Boudee gets in first :rolleyes: hehehehehe




I was reading up on how you were feeling and I thought I would give you a suggestion to help with your tiredness. Try taking a B12 Vitamin everyday - this should help give you an energy boost. As well - try vitamin C too!

Smile - You are doing great! ;)


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