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Day 5 and feeling bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm new to all this but looking at this site over the last few days has made me feel better, given me some comfort.

Day one of no smoking, ( using patches) felt great, like a sense of relief, day 2 a little less happy, day 3 a little less than the day before, day 4 pretty bad, day 5, was pure evil this morning, could take it no more, I was nasty!!!!! I started on the inhailator and calms, I cried and appologised once the calms had kicked in. Don't understand why the feeling is getting worse every day, I'm dredding tomorrow, so is my boyfriend who takes the brunt of it all, (sorry Hun).

I'm not even missing the ritual of smoking, if I see someone smoking it's nothing to me, I don't envy them or want one at all, so why am I having such a hard time, boyfriend also quitting and he is nowhere near having a hard time like me. When will i start feeling better?

12 Replies
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Hey Jellie,

Who know's why one has an easier time than the other. Actually there possibly is an answer to that...there's always answers :) I s'pect you don't really need some pat response....but some of us go through those real difficult times. Others have easier times, as I mentioned.

I strongly believe that to make this journey easier for your self you should read up on what's happening in this process of moving from being a smoker to not....whether through patches or whatever method. In my sig there are a few links to sites that can help you understand those processes. (the top one I found the most helpful :))

Of course there is this site that helps with an avenue to vent your feelings...all that pent up fury of stopping smoking. Somebody will listen...because we've all been through it.

By the way...congrats on getting where you have got to :)


PS: I haven't done much support for an age. Like you are stopping smoking I'm practising supporting again...both of us will get better at this ;)

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you will feel better soon I promise :)

then have another crap day-but you will realise then that next day is completely different-and can cope better cos you know it will pass.

I have been a complete witch honestly-hardly recognise myself-so you are not alone

you are doing so well . I am only coming up to a month so have no real experience ,but nothing compares to the first week . keep going !!

loads of support on here so keep posting -dont despair .xx

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read up on a lot of posts on here, we have all been through it and probably will do again.

I had a really crap week last week, but this week have felt on top of the world!

Besides, you can always come on here and rant and rave as much as you like...everyone will give you the support you need xx

Keep going


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Thanks for your replies, they have reassured me, I will look up the links mentioned. Will post again, probably for a good old rant, hope tomorrow goes ok!? Thanks again. :)

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you will be fine -honest. just keep posting .:D:D

sleep well tonight and feel very proud. and when the doubts start -come on here instead and chat xx

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I fear feeling proud incase I fail again, must remember Be positive! Hope tomorrow is a good day. Sweetdreams to you all, thanks. Xxx

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Nice one, Jellie :)

Most of this is practising and instilling a new habit to supercede the old unhealthy one. Each time you say no when you feel that you really must have cigarette strengthens you and your resolve. Everyone gets ups and downs...even when we were smoking and still now when we are non smokers. The trick is to realise that a cig will not make things better whatsoever. That was always a big fcukin' con.

Have a good one,


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Jellie- are you using patches or going cold turkey?

just so we all know how to support you - but it will give us all some info as where you are in the quit.

Sweet dreams to you too . weird ones if you are cold turkey :eek::eek:

but nice I am told :)xx

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Hi jellie

Good to hear you listening .....You will feel beetter really soon wen ure first week over wiv ure moods will get easier to deal wiv & you will start to feel more like you .........Well done on 5 days & good luck:)

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Thanks all for your words of wisdom the other night you all helped enormously, and. Don't know why exactly but Sunday was a brill day ind the thought of being nasty to someone wasn't even a thought. Monday and today was good too.

But I'm confused and looking for help, I may not be the brightest spark but.....I went to smoking clinic tonight, I was quite excited to blow onto that tube and see my score, but he didn't ask me to! ( was a little dissapointed) then he talked about my treatment, ( patches 25mg over 16 hr and inhailator) told him only used inhailator 3 time in a week, and I have dropped my patches( because I have felt good, thought I was makin some kind of progress!) to 21mg over 24 hr but take it off before I go to bed, No No No he said! Apparently even though I use the 21 mg for 16hrs I'm getting more nicotine than the 25mg over 16 hrs??????????????? I don't get it?! Am I missing something?

Day 7 doing good, still have urges but not feeling grrrrrrrr! Feel fab!.x

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Sorry Jellie cant comment on the the patches or any form of NRT but I do know that to them you are mostly a number so you have to demand an explanation if you dont understand and if he cant give it to you then go to your nearest boots I am told they are really good but that could be dependant on where you are in the country, see I darent commit myself to anything :D how are you doing, you sound as if things are starting to fall into place at last, this quitting lark is not easy but it is so worth it I promise.

Cutting back on the caffine can also help and make sure you get plenty of fluids as that helps to detox your body after all the sh*& you have loaded it with, iced cold water to sip as well helps to relieve the craves if you get them, but on NRT Im under the impression they are not too bad.

Use the forum its a great place to get support and keep your quit strong and focused and also to have a bit of a laugh on some of the general threads.

Best wishes to both you and OH x

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Day 5 is hard. I had to register :)

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