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day 23 - bad cravings


Hello folks, feeling slightly sorry for myself today. 8 days nicotine free now and im happy because its the longest ive done with my own determination! (3 months champix and 3 weeks after an operation) also its the coolest I have ever been on a quit, no tears or tantrums but today ill admit it I EFFING MISS SMOKING today!

I dont feel the urge to run out and buy a packet because to be honest even IF i did have a fag i would crave again after 30 mins of having it...thats the nature of it so what is the point? Its not that I want to be a smoker again, I guess im just annoyed that this nicotine monster fella is stamping around and wont die already! Its such a stupid addiction, being a smoker feels the same as being a non smoker at this crave it wether you doing it or not. doing it gives you diseases and not doing it helps prevent getting diseases. So if your gonna feel the same either way might as well be healthy!

eh. I noticed my hair is cleaner for longer! like the oil production has slowed down thats a plus. eh i dno, i guess just a bad day. I accepted I would feel like garbage for awhile, and hoped by 3 months i would feel better so not like i wasnt prepered.

Rant over. :D xxx

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Stick with it Nikki, it's better to want a fag now and then than to have to have one all the time!!

You're probably only remembering the bits about smoking you liked, try to remind yourself why your stopped instead and keep busy :)

Good stuff Nikki and a good post.

Remember, you absolutely hate smoking or you wouldn't be on this forum in the first place. You'd be on 'Smoking' instead lol

It absolutely WILL get easier each day. I don't miss smoking one bit now.

Felic, see my post below from when I was 36 days quit.

Popo725 Years Smoke Free


It really is ok to miss smoking. Kinda like how you miss anything your not doing anymore.

I'm almost 14 months in now and I too miss smoking. I also miss Creola Foam and Golden Cups. But I haven't wanted to smoke for ages.

What I really miss now is the going outside with the smoky crew and catching up on gossip, the routine is vague memory that I have no doubt will get weaker and weaker. It is not a crave, nowhere near it. It is a very vague memory of a habit. I suppose kinda like the accidentally driving on the right hand side of the road a month or two after returning from you holiday kinda habit. And I smirk at the ghosts of the past and I carry on with my day.

So please do not be disheartened about missing smoking. It is only normal to miss anything you cut out of your life. Soon you will be able to look back with a smile and see the addiction for what it was and carry on with your day too.


Ha ha not a problem! you asked questions i wanted to ask as well! I can see why your so into your quit now Max, Thinking about it constantly must of been hell, I certainly wouldn't want to have a puff and risk having to do all that again! freedom is much more sensible! Im ok really, its just if im not doing something i notice im craving and I just eat. I think ive gained 6lbs already and this is really worrying me, I am very particular about how I look in my clothes and ill be devastated if i dont like how i look in what i want to wear :(

but my big question is, does that constant eating go in them 4-8 weeks when you stop wanting a cigarette? please say it does :eek:

felic, i guess we will have to man it out! i told myself it was going to be crap till Christmas time anyways so shouldn't expect better lol

thats good to hear popo! I do miss smoking, but dont want to be addicted again. the thought of even a tiny bit of nicotine scares me! atleast now i have a choice, as a smoker you really dont xx

Popo725 Years Smoke Free

No my bad Creamola foam. My iphone hates me and often corrects me for no good reason.


Popo725 Years Smoke Free


Re eating. Because I would have a smoke to get a rush of sugar I would often miss a meal or two a day. Now I do. It get those constant sugar spikes I need to eat regularly or I feel real shoddy.

So the outcome for me is I piled on so e weight and now I'm well losing it after relearning some portion control. But yes in sure a more disciplined person could have it under control but I didn't care until I had the quit totally in control. And only stated proper looking at my eating about 3 months ago.

I totally understand how it is probably easier for a man to just accept the weight gain and I really do sympathise with the ladies quitting and gaining. But hey, better that than smoking any day.


Popo725 Years Smoke Free


It appears it was mainly Scottish. Oh you southerners have missed out on soooooo much. It was like flavoured bicarbonate soda that you added to water and it made a fizzy drink. It pre dated soda stream.

It was brilliant.


Popo I loved creamola foam, apparently you can still buy it!! :D

Popo725 Years Smoke Free

I have tried the creamola fizz or whatever they call it puddles. It is not the same. Obviously the secret ingredient is missing. Or more likely, like smoking, we have a tendency to make things always seem marvelous and golden in our past. When really it was pretty crap to begin with.


i have no idea what creamola is either lol sounds nice though mmmm:D

eh. im gonna have to take up jogging or something i think xx

Oh Popo I'm disappointed was about to call Mum and send her on a nostalgic emergency shopping trip!! :(

I loved Creamola Foam too, my gran used to put an extra teaspoon of bicarb in mine for ultra-fizz lol

I'm actually a bit worried cos I'm not getting the nic cravings and I'm just waiting for it to sneak up and bite me on the bum when I least expect it, I AM however, getting sore teeth, bleeding gums, catarrh (which is the reason for my previous post about the strange smell!), itchy skin, depression/tearfulness, BIG time munchies, hot and cold sweats, I could go on lol

I couldn't really carry on smoking as I don't earn a wage, I was doing the equivalent of taking four £10 notes out my o/h's hand, setting fire to them one by one in front of him whilst smiling into his eyes, I just couldn't do it any more without guilt kicking in.

He now knows I've stopped smoking, he admitted he guessed about two weeks ago but he was afraid to say anything to me until yesterday, and when he congratulated me, I burst into tears and sobbed uncontrollably (what was all that about?!?!?). Upshot is, I'm now getting a treadmill so I can use it to try and keep some control over my weight gain (I can't leave the house too often as we have disabled animals that need 24hr care), maybe when I get a munchie moment, I can hop on the travellator for a mile or two instead :)

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