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help having really bad day


Sorry to be on a downer. But dont know whats up with me nothing bad has happend but just feel really down. Cant stop crying just feel like I am sick of fighting something I cant see all the time. Ten weeks five days thought by now I would feel much better but still dont feel like I will never smoke again. Cant say I am craving one but still thinking about it most of the time. Most of my family smoke so cant go visit them think I would cave in today. Daughters gone away for weekend with my foster daughter and youngest son is a bit black and white thinks by now I should be like a non smoker. So think I will go window shopping for an hour see if that helps. Sorry for rambling and listurning. Limda

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Linda i think you need to invest in Allan carr`s book easy way to quit smoking.

for the price of £6 pounds it will change the way you think.

this has been a godsend to me and giving up smoking has been a pleasure.

when i hear about people fighting the cravings and people getting emotional it makes me smile.

trust me it will help



don`t forget you has bad days when you were puffing also

Have aglass of wine Linda!!! (Thats my stock answer I know)

Seriously though don't you dare give in now - otherwise all the great advice you've given me these last few days will account for nothing. I like to think you've been honest with me Linda cos I so much want to beleive this will feel

better and better as time goes on. Are you saying I'm still going tofeel s**t 10 wks down the line? - Thats NOT what you've said b4. I have faith n your words Linda-I reckon you ought to as well!! Savvy?!


Linda no such thing as 1 cigarette.

If you had 1 it wont make you feel better just the opposite.

life time of smoking 20 a day comes to around £30.000 pounds.

also your life will be a few years shorter if you wish to smoke.

just one other thing you cannot breath if you smoke.

If things get you down go for walks in the morning or evening with hubby and get some fresh air in your lungs.

you will be healthier and it will make you feel better.

take care


the government tax cigarettes per pack about 70%

like Karen is saying be strong for the sake of your friends and family.

Thanks Both

Funny got great support from my oldest son who has a very bad drink prob

Feel a little better now taken your advice Karen got myself some wine hope that dose the trick. Dont think my son would aprove Hehe. Linda

Linda don''t want to make trouble for your son! Point I want to get across is RELAX . Chill out a little sweetie. You have been there for me in the past so in my own little way I want to give a bit back if at all possible. I have found in these past few days that a good nights sleep does bloody wonders. Put some headphones on, say goodnight to Mr Linda and drift off to sleep to some sweet

relaxing music. I listen to Il Divo (Sad according to my daughter!)


HI karen

I know what your saying and you have helped today. Dont know whats up with me today bet it is not the quit just think when we give up blame everything on that. Great things daughters mine is my very best friend I also have a foster daughter who is lovely. They are camping this weekend with the hubbys But will be home 2moro. Thanks again Karen for your support today Linda

Hey Linda - totally off topic but I went to see 'Pirates of The Carribean ' 3 today. I've been to where its all filmed (Barbados & the Grenadines) for my 40th birthday (2 yrs ago) . I quite fancy Johnny Depp!! I paid for hubby and daughter to go too OUT OF MY FAG MONEY! What more incentive do you need??!!


Sorry you are havnig a bum day, Depression is a very common side effect. The funny thing is it can pop up much later in a quit. Feels like somone died as they say, or with me just feel the weight of fighting the nicotine. It does go away, talk to friends or go for a walk when it acts up or even talk to your doctor,

Good Luck

Remeber how well you have done so far


Morning all thanks for support feel a little better today. Hay Karen everyone calls my youngest brother Johnny Depp cos he looks a bit like him. Going out for a hour walk around the shops catch you later Linda

Hi Linda sorry about yesterday x x

Glad you feeling a bit better, remember also smoking isn't the thing your fighting, your also wanting your loved ones to be well and happy and you can't make it happen for them x x

Your down days are far more likely to be linked with that than something that does more harm than good. Even when you did smoke I bet it still took other things to cheer you on a bad day! Shopping, wine :D etc x x

Onwards and upwards x x take it easy x x

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