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Someone with experience in electroconvulsive therapy and being a patient with OCD refractory to pharmacotherapy?

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Someone with experience in electroconvulsive therapy and being a patient with OCD refractory to pharmacotherapy?

Hello all, I apologize writing in English, I understand all, but not speaking or write very well. I am mom of a boy 15 years with TOC severe and recently diagnosed as refractory to drug therapy. He will prescribed the higher doses of fluoxetine yrisperidona in Bolivia, sertraline and lurasidona in US, but the side effects were disastrous on him: Suicidal thoughts daily, major depression clinic, obesity type I, insulin resistance, fatty liver, hyper colesterolemia, low levels of vitamins Bs, D, C., and so on. By recommendation medical fell doses of medications. Depression decreased, not at all, but now have a few days laughing and even singing. The TOC has returned to make dent in his life. As parents we didn't account of the problem of my son, seemed the son perfect and envied by others, to 14 gave him a crisis terrible and was as landing (not even a emergency landing) to reality. my son came to invest up to 16 hours of life in the bathroom and rituals several with showers up to 6 hours and 15 minutes. my husband refused to the use of medication, for the risks of suicide, overweight, etc. But the doctors explained us that was the first step. Now fears of my husband is made reality. for almost a year my son was able to receive therapy CBT and ERP in US in signature intensive, for three months, but we not yet knew that he was a patient who was not responding to medication. However these therapies did very well to my son and particularly to me, I learned about how to better understand the problem and my son. I saw so many children and adolescents with the problem, which started the soul every day, with the cases that saw with families who knew. Pitifully after therapies we return to Bolivia, where my son Did not receive more therapies of CBT and ERP, since here are no therapist experienced that may help if any. Above we feel drowned without hope to see the symptoms of depression suicide and overwhelming arriving below. Only I have two children, a daughter 21 and my son January 2019 will fulfill 16. this year my son made only homeschool, and the last months 2017 as well. Currently my son not leaving home, or garden, he does nothing more than playing video games, has no mood or exercise, or anything, he depressed his obesity, to which we call only overweight so that no depressed more. My son do not receive visits, if someone comes home is a problem. Before at least it visiting their good friends who knew his problem and not bothered if my son asked to clean hands and clean what fouled, etc. Now He don't want to receive them because he doesn’t want to dirty the House or his room. Because of all this took almost 2 years of closure with my son and the TOC, we can not leave him alone, for depression and suicidal thoughts. He now invests in his TOC a six hours a day. HIs shower between 3 1/2 and 2 hours, use of the toilet has uploaded 45-minute 1 hour. By depression, irritability and the TOC severe have refractory to drug therapy, the doctors advised us make between 6 to eight therapy sessions of electroConvulsive therapy . Therapy with my husband disagrees also I already have advance that if this didn't work should think about the steps below, approach surgery or implement as a pacemaker in the brain, and so on. In all I have searched other outlets in alternative medicine, such as food took off gluten a month ago, I make use of coconut oil, I have not been able to remove from around the sugar, I must include again supplements vitamins and Minerals, as well as lactobasilos and probiotics, which we gave him in April and may this year. But the TOC and depression are there. Discussions family to be done or not the ECT were terrible and I don't know if it is definitely a good decision or not. Not to be the best for my son, only I wish that my son can become independent, to have a profession or trade in which can perform, can't be done or a Cup of coffee, unless someone and non-it clean all in his presence and according to his instructions, if you don't do you can see the monster irritability uncontrollable product of age and medication receives yet. Above the following treatments, including of surgery are reporting a chance of success as low, I have depressed. I have read the stories of most of you, at first I got depressed Furthermore because i've seen my fears are real respect to the future of my son. Only prayer has given me and gives me forces to try to help my son with love, strength and dedication and to keep something stable my home, since my daughter and my husband not received training in the issue (OCD) in the US and have rude ideas , along with friends and relatives, something that makes me feel every one against me and incompressible and monstrous TOC for the other side.

I pray to God for all of you, without knowing you, I send you a hug with my soul, asking that the inner light that you have shine so bright as to extinguish and overshadow the OCD that overwhelms you, I also ask God that the objective of all of you is to seek your happiness and not the happiness of OCD. It is difficult, but you were born to be fighters and victors. I love you all as if each one of you were my own son.

God bless you, save you and free you from the ghost of OCD.

I Use the name of Nacho libre because it is a movie that my son's sawpray for you all without know the embrace with my soul, asking your inner light shines as strong as to turn off and dull the TOC, and can always be objective of search your happiness and not the happiness of the TOC. I love all of you as if each of you out my son. God bless you, save and free TOC. more than 50 times, a story comic, sweet and innocent, style David against Goliath as the story you must fight in your lives against to the TOC.

Nacho Libre

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" I was ever a fighter,

so one fight more

the best and the last."

— Robert Frost

"What you do in this life echoes in eternity". you yourself are Goddess ma'm. what advice anyone can give you? just want to say plz don't ever give up. Even in treatment resistant cases ERP has worked, if done sincerely. And who knows any other medication might work. My blessings for your son and family. You are one hell of a character.

Thanks for your time and your words. I thank you very much for your wishes. God bless your life, your path and God will continue to give you encouragement to help and move forward as one or a great fighter. A huge hug for you.

Your words of encouragement are beautiful! I hope your son can find his relief.

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