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My introduction and my experience with OCD

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Hello my name is Lewis and for some years I've been dealing with an OCD, it all started a few years ago, one time that I developed a skin condition and doctors couldn't find the cause for months, several tests, different diagnoses, etc, eventually they did but by then I was already obsessed about things that could cause it and afraid to touch certain objects that were "contaminated", eventually with the usual overthinking of the OCD I also got afraid, or obsessed I should say, of just getting sick by touching things and not wash my hands right after. To this day I have the need to wash my hands very often, (way too often) and using antibacterial gel or wipes on objects that are "contaminated" and I get stressed or with anxiety when I don't do this, I always thought it was something I could take care and improve on my own but it's just difficult sometimes and certainly not easy to talk with other people, I recently spoke up about it with someone close and we thought it would be a good idea to find people in the same situations and could support each other, so that's the reason I found this community and I'm glad I did because it's good to know you're not alone. Thank you

14 Replies
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You are definitely not alone 😊

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lewis12 in reply to LuvSun

Thank you very much!!!

I would like to welcome you to the OCD Support Network.

We are here to offer hope and support to each other.

I am sorry that you are going through a difficult time.

I have severe OCD with doubts, checking, intrusive thoughts.

I can understand the suffering which goes on with any type of OCD.

Try to sit with the anxiety and feared consequences, by resisting the urges to do a compulsion.

The anxiety will be high in the beginning, but it will slowly go down.

The obsessive thought will keep popping up, but just accept it as a thought.

The thought will be in the background of your mind.

Then, label the thought as OCD, and put it into an OCD box.

I hope this helps.

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lewis12 in reply to

I appreciate very much those recommendations, dealing with those intrusive thoughts can be challenging but it's important to know they are just that, thoughts, eventually they should go away. Thank you very much!

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Hi Lewis,

Your story resonates with me because I have contamination OCD too. Though with different origins, but my compulsions are also washing and wiping.

I hope u feel better soon, because yes, at its worst I know how much of a monster OCD can be.

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lewis12 in reply to ohcde

Yes, definitely it's not a good feeling , thank you for sharing your experience with me

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Hi Lewis. Welcome. You are not alone at all. I recently started seeing a therapist and honestly I think it’s a waste of my money. I am more open on here and get more support here than anywhere. Everyone here understands and your not alone. I have OCD panic and anxiety. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Those that do not have it do not understand what we go through. You have friends here.

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lewis12 in reply to Gretajetta

Thank you Greta, I appreciate your recommendation and you sharing your experience with me, I'm just trying to see what are all the options and whatever could help me to improve this, so far your welcoming messages have made me feel embraced here, thank you!

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Press_on in reply to Gretajetta

Hi Gretajetta. I would be interested to hear more what you go through and how you manage your panic and anxiety. I experience the same thing and no I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, either. I think talking with people on this platform has been very helpful and perhaps more so than talking with a therapist. I just get to feeling like sometimes the emotions are unbearable! I guess I like to understand why I have become this way. Childhood upbringing? I felt very pressured to excel in some occupation in order to get approval from my parents. I am 62 and do not feel like I stayed with any job long enough and was never told by my parents they are proud of me . You would think at my age I don’t need their approval but I guess I do. I am just looking to connect with someone here to get into a good conversation about the anxiety that I have a hard time keeping in check. Thank you!

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I get you. I suggest that you search for an OCD therapist who works with exposures - that´s the best solution. It´so easy to think you can help yourself, and some of us can - but it´s common to procrastinate. A therapist can help you get a better life.

I´m in therapy now, it´s hard, but so worth it.

Best wishes.

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lewis12 in reply to Engelbrekt

Thank you for your advice Engel, I'm just checking all the options and not ruling out anything, whatever helps me I'll take it. I'll keep you posted!

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You're not alone, we're a family here😊💪

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lewis12 in reply to Gimi44

Thank you, your welcoming messages have been amazing and they have made me feel great! I really appreciate all the support!

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Congrat. I wish my OCD was that simple. I am dealing with multiple health issues, and the fear of Dying because of them.

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