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Emotional breakdown


I feel very bad.

I have been doing well lately, I was in a good mood. But something happened today. Someone may think this is stupid and crazy, but I think so too.

So, the fact is that I do my own manicure (nail extension). My nails are very short and of different shapes (to make my hands look normal, I have to extend my nails). The salon is not quite affordable for me, it is much more economical to do it myself. But I HATE TO DO THIS SO MUCH.

Today I came after work, tired and I had to sit down to do my manicure. And I had some kind of emotional breakdown (because I have terrible nails, most girls can just cut them and sometimes paint, but I have to constantly build them up). I started crying, all my hands were in tears and my mascara, and I was cutting off my nails. Then I accidentally pulled a nail (I wanted to get rid of these gel nails urgently), and I saw that the finger was covered in blood, but I did not feel physical pain, only mental pain.

My mom told me to leave this business, go to the shower and sleep (and so that I would stop crying, otherwise “it looks like a mental hospital”).

I went to the shower and tried to recover there for about an hour while sitting in the bathroom. It was very bad emotionally. And I felt scared from myself. After all, it all started with such a seemingly trifle.

I was offended that I had no one to tell about what I felt, no one would understand. and I was just as offended that my mother did not come to support me, she just went to bed.

and by the way, this was the first time in a long time that I wanted to hurt myself. but I never will. I hope so.

sorry if you are tired of reading my "nonsense", it just brings relief to me when I write down my whole problem.


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And sorry for my English 🙈

hey it is ok, we are here to listen and to support. I understand not having anyone to talk to, as I don't have anyone irl, even if it something you think is incredibly stupid, i'll listen. We will all listen, messages always open. hugs.

Thank you! 😇

Hi there I've just read your post and I don't find any of it stupid, you were deeply upset about what happened, and that was understandable our emotions get the better of us some days, some days we can shrug things off other days it comes crashing down on us, and the only way to release it is to have a good cry. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you, but please don't be hard on yourself. 😄

Thank you, I hope so :)

Hey, I hope you’re feeling a bit better. I’m sorry you had such an overwhelming day and your mom wasn’t supportive. No, it’s not nonsense. I think it’s usually a small thing that takes us to the brink, just the last straw in a load that gradually becomes unbearably heavy. Just give yourself some time to recover, and remember, you’re not alone.

I don’t know exactly why you feel like you need to make your nails look a certain way, but I’d suggest going natural for a while if you dislike manicuring yourself so much. Can you just clean them and trim them and let them be? There’s no need to be self conscious about different nails. Mine are very short and squat but I don’t usually paint them or anything. Just a thought. Idk.

I hope you can get some rest and feel better in the morning!

Thank you for support! I’ll try 🙏🏼

Is there any way you can repair the damage to the nail. I gather you must enjoy and have extra long mails and that may have been the problem ?All I can suggest is you try and protect the nail and let it regrow. Things do happen and we all get upset.

One consolation I used to badly bite my nails through to being a pensioner, I went to the dentist and they took most of my teeth out eight months ago, so I was unable to bite my nails anymore, they have grown in although my nails are full length now, the nail keeps cracking as the nails are weak, it is driving me mad, I keep scratching myself. Any advice ??


Hb2003 in reply to borderriever

You can put coconut oil helps a lot 😃

It is common to panic when we are tired and have an emotional upset, especially in regards to physical appearance and not feeling good about ourself when tired. Especially when you had to do a process and gel polish is maddening with out the right solution. Can relate and was thinking this fear of the nails when you have that gel nail is mind boggling. It caused you seemingly to panic.

As a young girl I used to see people really focusing on long nails, but as a musician this is not possible. In fact, the more I cut my nails the longer they needed to be cut.

You might find this is something that you focus on is keeping the nails short and you will find they grow like wild fire, then do a nice self manicure with medium size nails as a way to like those beautiful short, well manicured nails. Someone put that stuff on my nails once and I was also went into a panic. Could not get the polish off. They sell you polish that does not always war, special remover is needed. That cannot be good for anyones nails.

So sorry for that ordeal and hope you are realizing to love the nails you have as they grow and strengthen. Biotin is really healthy for the nails.

Just got a kit to polish the nails naturally instead of putting a foreign substance or nail polish on them. It is fun and they are nice and shiny. Take good care and know your both inner and. outer beauty. It is not in the nails of the beholder but in lively and joyful hands.

We are here to listen to u dear.


I am sorry about that sending kindness and support

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