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I am a nightmare


I dunno wat to say but I'm having hard time nightmare after nightmare, crying everyday or my mornings, and loosing sleep, I feel so sad and sick to my stomach. I tried distracting myself I even been starting to watch movies but my mind will always find its way back to those bad thoughts. No matter what I do. I feel I'm gonna die or the pain is so bad i feel so dead on the inside. I had a nightmare of someone I cared about. I had scary dreams 6 days on a row I dunno what they mean. I'm afraid and I'm alone in every thought or tear or feelings. I don't have anyone RL I can't tell my family not. my vtherapist or my online friends. I feel so bad even sadder than I use to be before. Sleeping don't help as nightmares remind me of my saddness. And trying to distract myself but my mind wanders making me feel sense of dread my hands always shaking and I'm sensitive to everything even a movie that suppose to be a bit of comedy something in the movie made me tear up and feel bad. I feel I'm turning to a whole nightmare. And this why I call myself crywolf. :D my mental state is so low but I am even surprised I don't think suicide. Maybe its my fears keeping me alive.

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Hello there,

Welcome to our supportive community. Well done for taking a brave step out of your comfort zone to reach out for help. Hopefully you will find folks here are only too willing to come alongside you and share from their personal journeys and experiences.

You are obviously having a difficult time right now. May I encourage you seek urgent professional medical help asap. You need help, and I wonder why you don't want to talk to your therapist? Speak to your doctor about different medication or therapies available or ask for a mental health referral. Much as we can listen to your concerns, this is a peer support forum and is not a substitute for professional medical help.

Do check out our Pinned Posts section, free mental health guides, and our international crisis support helplines: healthunlocked.com/mental-h...

If you live in the UK keep these crisis support helplines handy:

The Samaritans Tel: 116 123 [24 hours line]

NHS: 999 [Emergencies]

NHS 111 [Non-Emergencies]

MIND UK charity: Helpline Tel: 0300 123 3393 info@mind.org.uk Text: 86463 mind.org.uk/information-sup...

SANEline Tel: 0300 304 7000 [4.30pm – 10.30pm daily] sane.org.uk/

Stay safe.

Keep in touch! Ok folks what can you suggest to help this new member?

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator

CryWolf885 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thank you for having me here. I don't like talking to my therapist is all she do is listen, take notes and dismiss me saying same sh*t I heard a million of times. And I went through many therapists starting only as an elementary kid I had anxiety throughout my life. One therapist that I really connected with went away and I was left tracing back the path I was on before. I'll try to talk to my doctor but he just mention me two places. One didn't work out now this one now is definitely not helping me. And ill take a look at the guides thank you. I am from USA.

You really have to seek doctor. Try mindful mediation or thinking of holiday you enjoyed. Thinking of happier times you have had. This person meant the world to you but once you have life partner whether arranged or not things will look up.

CryWolf885 in reply to Indieabc

Ok, ill try. Thanks

Hello welcome

At this time I cannot understand why you cannot talk to your Therapist, they can help you approach your concerns and Nightmares. However I know from experience it is always better to discuss the concerns you have and also what is causing this problem, re Nightmares.

You mention your low mood and depression, I get the impression on what you say something is instigating this problem. As soon as you spit out your concerns, hopefully your sleep concerns should settle.

If talking here on site would help we are always here to listen. You can also PM a person on site if privacy is your need. Whatever you decide you have options. Your GP can help although A Therapist is the way forward and they will listen and privacy may be assured


Therapists here don't really understand. They listen, jot notes down, say few words at the end and dismiss me. Then a new medication is prescribed. Anyhow..I been feeling hurt because I hurt someone I cared about and now he is busy and telling me it is fine or forget about it, but I feel so bad. I had a dream what I done to him was reversed to me and I could felt all the pain I had put him through and these nightmares just haunt me. He don't want an apology. So I don't know what I could do.

It may be you need to let Him heal, over time especially if you have tried saying sorry.

However depending on what the problem was it may be the relationship may be over.

Changing medications can become problematic in the long run, the drugs can take upwards of five weeks to work, you may trip over the drug if you fail to give them a chance to work



CryWolf885 in reply to kenster1

lol thank you kenster1

kenster1 in reply to CryWolf885

here anytime.

please talk come on.

CryWolf885 in reply to kenster1

I did. I said thank you that you don't think that way. :)


Sorry to hear that you are in pain. I can’t advise you on the relationship issue as I am sure it’s complicated. As mentioned before though time might be needed for the guy to process his pain.

I went through a few therapists before I found one that was helpful. She is amazing and has brought me back from the brink of suicide. As far as the nightmares go I was plagued by them for decades. A new psychiatrist I saw last year suggested a blood pressure medicine that in some cases can help. He prescribed it and for the first time in living memory I slept without crippling nightmares. My wife wanted to know why it had never been suggested by previous doctors. He couldn’t say. It has been around a long time. They don’t work for everyone unfortunately. If you pm me I can give you the name of the meds but because they lower blood pressure it is imperative that your doctor looks at your overall health before prescribing them and they may not work for you, just a thought.

I know the pain that nightmares gives, i also had a series of nightmares like you had, i say my near and dear die, i saw myself dying and i saw people dying because of me. None of that were real but the pain and guilt felt real. I badly wanted to discuss it but found none, then i decided to maintain a diary to record all the nightmares. Although writing wasn't like talking to a real person but it relieved some of my stress. Try it. I still have nightmares but now I think of them as a possibility of an alternate timeline or a parallel universe, because i see some sci-fi shows and just enjoy them as a long thriller movie😁.

I would suggest you to find someone to talk to or otherwise maintain a diary for it and don't take nightmares seriously ,just enjoy and be happy.

You need to forgive yourself if haven't already. That forgiveness is for you to heal. It is the same that if someone hurts you. In your heart forgive and it heals in both ways. No one is perfect we all are human. We learn each day. That is living. If he has told you to forget about it. You don't need to keep beating yourself up. He will come around in time. He will heal and move on. I would not be alive now if I had not opened up to a perfect stranger six years ago. That therapist is that stranger and still see the same one after six years. She is my friend now. I love her like family. She has given me life. I had been an Anorexic for 40 years. I for once sought treatment six years ago. This therapist has helped to heal my mind. My Anorexia was horrible. In 2012 I was dying. I had just enough breath to reach out to that stranger for help. My therapist has cried with me. She has saved me. I suffer from PTSD from my childhood rape. The rape was why I became ill at 14. I take a small dose of Zoloft each day. I will always be on it to help with PTSD and obsessing over food. I am a talker. That talking is the best medication ever. It frees the soul. You can win this war. Allow yourself to heal. It takes time. Just as mine has. Love you and peace be with your mind and soul.

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