Complete mental breakdown

It's after ten and I'm laying down eating, after a long day of being in the hospital with my parents. Now let me rewind back to around 11 a.m. this morning I went to the clinic for a scheduled checkup. As me and the Dr begin to talk about my health and personal life. While we spoke I started to feel anxious and down, because of what we talked about concerning my health. So anyways she got to the physical part of the check up and let's just say it wasn't pleasant at all, quite painful actually. This added on to my anxiety now mind you the night before tonight I had a panic attack in my room, in which I woke up out of a nightmare. Yeah so I left the clinic, with a grim look on my face, feeling awful I had downtown to run a few errands now as I'm doing my errands I'm feeling worse and worse, but I put on a mask of sorts to hide how I felt. Meanwhile inside of my I'm furious and fearful because of the Dr appointment and because I was low on cash. By the time I got to my mom's job and my dad picked me up to drop me home I've had it! When I got home I locked my door and cried out loudly, screaming, breaking up things and, hollering suicide! My family members broke my door open and tried to console me, but I was so hysterical and irrational I lashed out. They called the ambulance and I ran as fast as possible because I was paranoid. My family members finally calmed me down enough so the ambulance could take me away. As we got to the hospital I'm still freaking out, angry, paranoid and depressed. My parents reached and tried to comfort me, but to no avail. The nurses put me in a room and me and my folks waited for hours to get serve. Finally around 8 I seen the Dr and she was very nice and helpful to me which made me feel a little bit better. They gave me a routine screening, but by this time my nervous breakdown had stopped, so I was semi functional. They wanted to admit me but I declined because that'll only awakened my fears! As I've stayed in the mental ward before and I haded it. So now I'm home still feeling down, but much better than before. What are your remedies for being pushed over the edge? What initially causes one to have a breakdown?

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  • I don't know if you will relate to this but I go through this kind of behavior which I think is similar to yours. This can happen with anyone , anywhere, and over a short or long time span. Something will happen, for instance someone will insult me in some way and I won't say anything, then something annoying will happen and I might mention it to someone who is not involved., and then some poor soul will do or say some little thing and I totally over react. Give them a piece of my mind so to speak. So in essence what I do is to not face problems when I should and I tamp down the hurt and anger. This may happen several times and when I've swallowed as much as I can, I spew all over the place. I usually end up feeling better, but embarrassed. So I try to address incidents as they happen without being angry. This usually works well for me as I stay in control of myself and that's where I like to be. Hope this helps , Pam

  • As A Christian, I find, if I don't focus On Jesus, all the fear and anxiety comes up on,Me, and I meltdown mentally. Because Jesus Makes Me Calm. I've had a lot of stressors in My life. Now For You, You May Just Need To Find Something That Makes You Calm, And Focus On That, With Your 'Other Pair Of Eyes', That Same way You felt fearful and angry, behind a mask, You Could Be Focussed And Peaceful. So I Imagine You Could Find Your Focal Point. Some People Have A 'Happy Place,' They Go To.

  • Buddhist meditation would help if you could commit to it. Otherwise it sounds like you may have a future of medication and hospital contacts

  • Hello,Ren, people don't talk much about nervous breakdowns these days and I guess they happen when your mind is just overwhelmed by the impossibilities , real or imagined , one faces and your mind ,unable to cope goes into hysterical retreat. Comfort yourself by knowing that in the modern world there is always someone available in the medical profession who has seen the impossibilities you face and knows they are not impossible and will calm you rather as the doctor calmed you and brought you back to facing or semi-facing reality.

    In the UK you'll always have the essentials ,air to breathe, food , being secure and unthreatened, etc. so things will never be so bad they can't be faced. So keep relaxed and don't let your mind trick you into thinking things can't be faced. They are NEVER that bad.

    My brother spent a long time in mental hospitals years ago and it was an awful place. I'm sure they are now much better but I still don't think I could face one although obviously if a person is a danger to themselves or others ,or needs psychiatric help that can only be given in hospital there is sometimes no alternative.

    I have n't had a NB but my guess is that you might not have another one either if you start to get it into your head that total loss of control might mean you do briefly need hospitalisation. You must have given both yourself and your family an awful fright and this could have possibly been avoided if you had kept telling yourself ,relax,relax, I'm a grown person, things are not impossible, they never are,relax,until I'm calm and then maybe I'll let myself think in stages about the problems I face. Then I'll discuss them realistically with health professionals, my parents, and anyone else who can help, and we'll work out some solutions. If I lose control and become hysterical , angry, violent then no one will be able to even start helping me until I calm down. So relax.

    Easy for me to say ,I know, and the bad news is that only you have control of your mind and can follow a calmer response to your problems, so you have to do it.

    I hope this helps a bit as I'm a bit out of my depth here.


  • You don't sound like you've had a breakdown otherwise you would be heavily sedated and in hospital. A breakdown takes months to recover from and renders you unable to do the simplest of things. Sounds more like an extreme anxiety attack and you became hysterical which is common when we are highly stressed and suffering from anxiety/panic. Excess adrenaline and cortisol can make us very aggressive and out of control. You recovered to a degree because your stress chemicals naturally reduced as time passed and being heard and seen by other medical professionals must have reassured you.

    Read back over your own story and you can see how your stress levels were high even before you seen the doctor and you mention she wanted to talk about your personal life before giving you a stressful physical exam. These are some of your triggers. You are asking for remedies...well all the obvious...meds, therapy, counselling, deep breathing and learning to nip lower levels of anxiety in the bud before it escalates. Avoid too much caffeine/sugar as this raises stress levels and try to exercise regularly as this reduces stress and produces endorphins which are your feel good hormones. Cut out any unhealthy relationships and people who stress you out too!

  • Doctors appointments can be stressful, particularly if an examination is involved. It can make you feel as if the doctor is taking over your body, and make you feel horrible. You are not alone in feeling this. Why you went off the deep end though is something you could explore in a counseling session.

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