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Humans welcome!!!!


Anxiety stress depression


A flaw?

A flaw?

No a?strength

Right everyonr knows that right?

Who wants to live with refrigerators???

Not me

Name any player actor anyone who doesn't have anxiety

They just get used to it and it dodsnt show

Big difference

Univrsal!!!!! No Offense

So what ?

Pass the lemonade and pull up.a chair

How's yur day going ???

Seem any good movies or books?

Tell me 56 things good about u and done rt


Then pass the jam for my toast if u will

Don't listen to the crtics!!!!

Oh 678 things good about in


I'm.allll ears

Learni g curve !!!!!!!!!!


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56 things good about "me" ..huh..sorry I have trillions of things good about me LOL

Top ones being..amazing sense of humor,I never give up,I'm a pretty damn good friend, LOL

How's my day?? Quiet,non eventful.

Have been watching on Netflix.."Jack Whitehall TRAVELS with my father."Absolutely freakin hysterical.I laugh so hard im crying.Jacks standup shows..well..quite disappointing n dry lame humor😔

So..thats my story n I'm sticking to it,LOL

Brig57 in reply to hippolove1




Mu day

Smile h ear to ear

hippolove1 in reply to Brig57


hmmmm welll thats hard fo me , i cant think of much but ig, i like that im good at singing, im rlly nice , .. hm its hard fo me to focus on the good things when theres so much i hate : ( ab myself, buh im workin on it ! i like that im sarcastic wit things ig its kinda funny, im kinda good looking idk ppl say im rlly pretty not sure if thats true tho, i like that i have a unique way of seeing things and thinking ab things , i see the world in a unique way . thats all i can think of as of rn

Fine start

Consider what you have that makes you happy.

Not what makes you miserable, That is the best way to dwell on what we have.

I find anticipation in life and diversions we have will get us to move on


Brig57 in reply to borderriever

Wzs punished for belieibg I. Myself

Idiot doctor work I g for my mothef

I have found over sixty years we need to be able to begin to heal ourselves. Life is to short and we need to clear the rubbish in front of us to allow us to move on and live our life to its full. There are many people out there even in some cases family who will pull you down to their level and prevent you moving on. Life is to short

My Mother died at ninety one, just before I became seventy, A life of a real nasty person. I am disabled I wonder how many good years I will be allowed to have with my Siblings. I have broken that that trials me still and now I have my Wife and dog. I will take that for a happy time on this earth


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