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Positive stories anyone?


Hey guys. I quite enjoy reading positive stories from others especially those of us that have gotten back to our " normal' selves. It's happened to me before where I feel better and only come to this wonderful site years later whenever I'm in need. So, I know there might be others who do the same and we can't read their success stories because they feel better. I'll try not to do that when I'm back on my feet. Still working my way through this bout of anxiety and severe nervousness.

Seems positive stories rub away anxiety and spreads hope. Anyone notice this?

Anyone have any positive stories? Motivational quotes?

It's Autumn here in Australia and the trees are changing color and the leaves are falling. This reminds me of a quote I love.

" The leaves are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go. "

Today I choose to allow minimal negative unwanted thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

I challenged myself to stay put in one spot, feel that fear or nothing in particular that I try to ignore, and I told it " so what? What are you going to do if I don't move? What do you think is dangerous around me right now? Because there is no danger. We're ok"


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I haven't quite figured out what a "normal self or life" is LOL since mine has been a rollercoaster with my health and etc... BUT.... heres my positivety…...Never Give UP....take the bull by its horns and run with life the best u can.. if ya fall off and get skewered by the bull.. put a bandaid on it and get back on!!!!! I was not built to break!!!!!!

P.S> don't know if ya'll celebrate Easter in Australia, but... Happy Easter mate!!

Hi again! Thank you for the words, they're encouraging especially this morning after a not so great night. I get that rollercoaster reference, I've had two good days/nights then a not so good day. Feels like square one again. But never give up, right!!?

We do have Easter here! It was somewhat quiet as it's just my partner and I but it was a nice, calm quiet. The markets were flooded with families doing their Easter shopping but that's understandable because the shops close early here for public holidays. Hope you had a happy Easter and great weekend. 🙂


Positive stories can lead to negative acts, it is up to us to turn our negativity around to positive thoughts and actions.

Consider this life is full of negative and positive, that is part of living and learning,

Every person learns throughout life, from our birth through to finding a mate through to the birth of children and they learn from us as we proceed to our death. Our children carry the torch laid down by the parents, like they learned from their parents and past generations.

We consider what are our likes and dislikes, we follow our interests, those keep us diverted from the negative problems that are life, these are normal and expected.

We all suffer depressive actions throughout life, we need to understand this is our learning time. Diversions take away the negative and allow the positive for a possible defined time period.

Today is a time of diversion in our household, I am planting trees for fruit, these trees will mostly be for diversion only, the fruit provided in this case is only instrumental in lifting the mood. Our Orchard provide fruit while the twelve trees will act as a hedge and pollination for the trees tasked to produce fruit. What I am trying to explain is we do things to lift our mood, if it is productive that is great however we do not need our diversions to be productive only something we enjoy.

If you go swimming, the productive element does not need to keep us fit, however the act of swimming will eventually lead possibly a stronger healthy body, the act is only instrumental for us to enjoy and distract us from the negative

Mentioned above we are planting a fruit tree hedge that aids pollination, that is my diversion, the production of fruit is only incidental , Today the trees are full of blossom and the insects are buzzing around the flowers, a wonderful sight, however sometimes our diversions upset others. In our case someone complains regards the bees and pollinators, the person is frightened to get stung. So what is one persons release is another ones distraction. We now carry on with diversions, while the other person suffers from their distraction, the bees.

We are all different what is a diversion for one is a distraction for another. So my hobby is for me, I consider the implications of what I do as long as no one gets hurt. If the bees are not diverted from their job, their attitude pollinates our trees and leaves the fearful person alone. A distraction is maintained and negative thoughts diverted


That quote about the leaves is beautiful. Thanks, Clarita.

A positive story for me happened today. It is small, but - I was in bed with bad head pain when an old friend (in town for Easter) asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I was so thankful that I went & it was so great. My head still hurt (and still does) but it was okay because being in nature was just wonderful. I got to see flowers and buds and ducks and mushrooms and it felt so good. And I am grateful because there was a time when I would have stayed in bed at that invitation. I'm glad today that I went.

Hi LovelySnow. Thanks for sharing your story. No matter how little we think our steps are they're leading us to the bigger picture. Hence this post. I believe every little step helps in the long run and they can be scary/challenging but they are leaps to us. 🙂 I hope you find relief for your headache.

Thanks. 🌸 That reminds me of a lyric from a song: "The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs." 💕

That's beauty full. 🐦🎶

I'm about to go for a short walk and will hope I have a wonderful a walk in nature as you had. Yesterday my partner and I went for a drive and we spotted a kookaburra perched on a tree. I've never seen them in the wild, only behind safety cages in animal sanctuaries. I'm bound to come across a more common bird on my walk, like a magpie or something. It's not breeding season so there's no threat of them swooping my head!

That's so cool. (Not so much about a bird swooping bird at your head! Wow!) Australia seems like another world! I have heard of a song about a kookaburra but don't think I've ever even seen a photo! No matter what you get to see, have a beautiful time. 🌸🐞🌱

I got swooped this last season. It was at the beach of all places and in front of a group of tourists. I can look back now and laugh but it was scary at the time! As for Kookaburras, they're very bizarre looking but beautiful. You could see one by googling. Australia is a special part of the world. Thank you dear I had a lovely time. Hope you're doing well. 💕

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