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I’m new here, and would appreciate and welcome any advice and/or support, thanks..

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Hi, this is my first post ever, I am very socially isolated due to anxiety etc.

I’ve no idea how make changes. Dr started me on anti depressants a long time ago, and recommended on line self help sites for anxiety and how to help with panic attacks.

I really want to talk about what’s going on inside my head, rather than guided talks which I did.

I’ve also seen counsellor a few years ago about deeply disturbing childhood issues, but I felt most of the appointment time I was form filling, ticking boxes and numbers. With the end result being left open and raw.

Sorry for the rant, I’m feeling very vulnerable, but a bit relieved to put it out there,

Thanks for reading this, it means a lot x

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Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. For privacy reasons you might want to think about locking your post to this community only.

I am in the UK too and the mental health services in this country are abysmal. It sounds like you CBT? This does help some people but it's not adequate for many. The authorities love it coz it's cheap, so called observable, and has a time limit. I think you would really benefit from proper talking therapy but whether you can find it on the NHS is unlikely.

Can you afford to go privately to see a counsellor? That would be by far your best bet. I think this would really benefit you and help you get to the roots of your anxiety.

One trick I have learned is try to forget about yourself and your own feelings when in company and concentrate on putting the other person at ease instead. If you come across as awkward then they will feel it too. If in several people's company you haven't got to talk much or at all if you don't want to, but it is essential to follow the conversation to feel connected. Remember if you aren't sure just smile and say nothing.

In the meantime practise small talk. If you see someone around quite a bit just say something like nice day or similar then move on. The more you do this the more at ease you will start feeling. If you avoid social contact then nothing will change will it. It's about pushing your boundaries a bit until you feel more comfortable so start off with very small steps. Remember small changes lead eventually to bigger ones.

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Chase888 in reply to hypercat54

That was a great answer. It helped me even though I didn't post it.

CBT, huh. I have P.T.S.D and the lovely girl was in her early twenties. How can a person who has probably lead a privileged life know about flashbacks?

I have been referred for therapy.

But we have to wait.

Thanks for replying to this person cos you also helped me.

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hypercat54 in reply to Chase888

Oh thank you very much for that. It always makes me feel good to know I have helped anyone.

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Hey welcome to the forum. I know exactly what you mean. Also it can be very limiting working with a therapist one on one; it's just you and them and sometimes conversations can run into a dead end or go on repeating itself. That's why I like this space since we are all members who've gone through it and can offer different point of views. So I hope you continue to share and reach out and find support 👍

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hypercat54 in reply to Kainan

Oh dear they have left the site. Mustn't have liked what we said!

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Bagpuss21 in reply to hypercat54

How do you know they’ve left the site? It’d be a shame if they have left, I’ve found the those one the site supportive.

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hypercat54 in reply to Bagpuss21

Coz their name is shown as hidden if you look at their post!

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Bagpuss21 in reply to hypercat54

Thank you, I didn’t know that

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Kainan in reply to Bagpuss21

Yeah Hyper that may be the case. Usually when their username changes to hidden that’s a sign that they’ve left

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Bagpuss21 in reply to Kainan

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that.

Hello Hidden.

It seems possibly many of your problems have been associated from your childhood, however during your Therapy you did seem to have these problems initially addressed and shown and suggested how to come to terms how to address and move on from your Anxiety.

You mention it was five years since your Therapy, Do you now not find a further course of Therapy may help you address past problems. I had past problems as a child and it really knocked me for six. Even now as a Pensioner I still have problems coming to terms with later problems associated with people who caused the problems and decided to make my Life as awkward as possible. Eventually that led to my Retirement thirty/fourty years ago

Try not to let your past cause you fears and concerns as you walk through your Life and activities, you have a great deal to offer as you help yourself


Its fine. No need to apologize for how you feel and what you have been thru. I can say anti depressants do not help. How's your diet? A lot of what you eat affects your brain. Changing what you eat can help greatly improve your mental health

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I had the same and I didn't want to keep filling in the form each time I went.

But I persevered and eventually got a call to say they have referred me for therapy.

I have a new doctor who is a cow. I don't like name calling but I met her and got bad vibes.

Even though we are mental health we still know what goes on.

Keep trying to get help even though we get our dark days.

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