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Toxic Relationships: Cut It Off 💔


Hey Y’all.

Relationships are hard for some people, but what about dealing with toxic relationships? I’m learning that one wrong move could bring out the worst side of a person. Also, you can’t buy love, if love doesn’t live there anymore. Sadly, I dated a sociopath and a narcissist who thought the world evolved around them. It was hard to let them go at first because of the fear of being alone. However, I see that love was never there in the first place. If you’re going through this, my advice is to find your voice and walk away. Yes, there will be some cuts and hurt feelings, but you have the power to say “I’m Bigger, Better & Brighter”.

What are your thoughts on Toxic Relationships?


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If you are in a toxic relationship the relationship itself is better broken. Possibly go no contact. You will find a tranche of sites on You-Tube that explains and advises on different problems associated with the problem


Toxic relationship you have to get out safe no question but I done the just go it didn't work I left 3 time's in the end I got proof that he was toxic I have a long list of health problems and I waited for my chance I always had a friend on the phone to me helping me stay strong and when he messed up and smashed the door into my spine I didn't react as he wanted he thought she Will obay now but I started to laugh and I warned him not IF I get up but WHEN I get up he better run I never touched him it took over a week to get to the doctor and the internal bruises where still there I'm now getting a free divorce and he has to pay for my legal fees best part is he keeps hiding from the divorce papers and it's coming up 3 years I've been saved I have a new home ect but I am still tied to him as he won't sign the paperwork for the divorce so feel free but until the marriage is through I'm never free of him and I know one day he is going to use that but I'm happy now.

I also told him as of the type of person I was married to and how much stronger I was than him ( and it was just nice to shut him up) that he had actually managed to turn me same sex and I have a arrangement with my friend and we would go on TV to prove it ( my toxic husband was into the morning chat shows )so he wanted to prove that I was not being true but he wasn't sure and was forced to leave because I got my restraining order against him .( I never became same sex I only lost interest in everything related to a relationship my toxic husband was probably one of the worst around but when the tables turned I made it fun and I made sure I got left alone)

How strange that those narcissist are more common than you think, I was married to one and most of my friends were/are in a relation with one of them,

There is a book called " why does he do that" by Lundy Bancroft I strongly recommend, it will give you insights

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