Im just rambling here

Hello again everyone! I wasnt shown enough affection as a kid so now im craving it. This has also contibuted to my mental instability. Ive gone looking for love in the wrong places like relationships, but i dont have sex or anything like that. Im not trying to sound judgmental to those who are sexually active, but im just saying that ive been with some womanizers and didnt give them what they wanted most. Im in a vicious cycle, but i know i can get out of it. The bottom line is i want to feel loved especially now that im on my period (sorry boys!).


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  • The first thing you have to do is respect yourself and understand you are responsible to make that so. No-one can advise you or tell you what needs to be done you hold those decisions in your hands, it seems you may be making bad shouts so you need to look in places where you have not looked before

    Generally when you look for that rare person, go to different places where they go and understand to hold yourself well and act that well, if you feel unworthy you will be picked up as so.

    What are your interests, expand on those well into life, attend Night Classes, Ballroom Dancing and other progressive activities. The pub is fine to meet friends, I found I never dated in those places. I had the chance to date a Model many years ago. We had known each other for years and we would talk all night. I dated away from home, it can give you the chance to meet new company. These people are new and need not know any baggage you may show.

    Talk on a date, understand you are looking for that right person, never take second best. If you feel the relationship is questionable move on. Never cheapen yourself, if the person is to quick, move on. A good man will want to know you and as you talk will listen and both of you will begin to understand each other. It does not need to be victorian like, just respect yourself and the other person

    Sorry, you asked.


  • Thank you borderriever. I should clarify myself by saying that whenever a guy has asked me to have sex i always said no. None of them so far have respected my decision so i broke up with them. Im not ready to date at the moment, but for the future i need to make better decisions when it comes to men so that i wont end up so heartbroken.

  • Take care there some good guys out there, I am supposed to be one according to my Wife


  • Thank you. Your wife is lucky to have you.

  • Thank you.

  • Sorry I'm a bit confused (it doesn't take much to confuse me!), are you saying that the guys you dated didn't show you any love and affection each time you had your period?

  • No im just saying that i wasnt shown much affection as a child so now i crave it. As a result, ive gone looking for love from boys and that is the wrong way to go.

  • Ah right, thanks for explaining.

  • P.s. so does this mean that you're going to focus on something else instead of boys now?

  • Yes, but temptations will be there so I've got to be strong enough stick to my guns.

  • What will you focus on instead?

  • School and horseback riding. When i get a chance i will find a job and focus on that too.

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