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Panic panic panic!


I am currently living with a number of complex MH issues, I feel ive really run out of places to turn to. I see a therapist once a week but that's not guaranteed for much longer given the current circumstances. I suffer with extreme anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression and agoraphobia.

At the minute with the world in the state of chaos it's in, I'm struggling to come to terms with everything happening around me. I'm not sleeping at night, when I do sleep it's very broken. Waking up every couple of hours, having disturbing dreams about being stuck in dirty public toilets.

I'm obsessively thinking about my loved ones falling Ill and dying, I think about myself falling Ill and dying so much so its sparked my to quit smoking after 10 years overnight. I constantly think about the number of germs on my hands and body, I'm back to walking around not touching a thing. Opening doors with elbows and so forth.

I havent eaten properly this week and couldnt even face walking into my local supermarket seeing though the window the lack of food nearly sent me into a panic attack. I've experienced three panic attacks last weekend bought on as I'd convinced myself I couldnt breath. Im getting so anxious that my health wont hold me up through this.

I'm constantly worrying that I might need help and I wont be able to get it or it wont be able to get to me. I'm feeling totally isolated and cut off. I'm trying to talk to people but I just dont seem comfortable to hold a conversation at the moment. I can begin a conversation but abruptly want it to end and to be left alone which is really confusing for me and completely new.

I'm really trying my hardest to cope but I feel so heavy with worry. Is there anyone experiencing the same?

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Hi there, sadly your not alone, I too am having really weird dreams and for me I never dream, but these one are so vivid and scary it, frightens me, I have bad OCD and that's got even worse, where literally anything that, Comes into my homes has to be washed. I won't go out to the supermarket any more because seeing those shelves empty it felt like the world was going to end because, we will all end up starving to death. This a very anxious time for us all. 💖

Hey there

I feel the same way you feel about everything, i worry like you do. Its very hard to worry about family and friends. With my PTSD that i suffer with i cant handle being around alot of people let alone talk to them, all I want to do is running away from them and go to the foot hills and stay there where i am safier at. I dont have a therapy doc

To talk to so i rely on Jesus, and He has helped me in ways I too had to force myself to eat and take better care of myself. I still have a problem with crowded places, but i hope in time I can over from that dreadful feeling I get around people. I hope you will get the support you need , and hopefully you will be able to sleep find something that can calm you down so you can focus in live. You have my support. Janet

I understand this and have the same issues about dreams and they are so vivid and usually an analogy of my reality. I was having so much trouble w sleep and food intake. And was starting to feel better after getting a toxic person out of our home. I have trouble with knowing what I need or don’t need and everything has anxiety attached t it now. Like everything. I have a hard time leaving my house already but once out I usually can cope well -it’s the getting there to be able to get out and then not over analyzing everything after the fact. I have done the shortness of breath thing and thinking it’s here during onset of a panic attack lately too. It’s so hard for those of us with already such overwhelming anxieties through just the normal daily tasks to have extra weight of these real life anxieties and proportions of needs and the expectations of whats tomorrow added. Know that you are not alone and you have friends here that understand. Best wishes that you can find peace through this storm.

One way I am trying to ease my mind and cope is by making protective face masks and dehydrating fruit and vegetables (extra washed) as gifts to my older friends and family to ease all the worries. Also listening to more music than news has helped me to focus on the moment better.

Many people on site are feeling lonely with lack of support here because of the Virus knocking around, I would advise you come on site and converse with members here. They are a friendly lot and would love to chat, If needed you can go on Private Messages and talk to people there, by writing a blog and see how you get on, However that will not stop you coming back on site here as the need seems strong

Food It may be a good idea and check Supermarkets who do home delivery. Enter the sites like Asda, Tesco, or Morrisons. They have sites that have pictures of stock they have that sometimes are more inclusive than possibly their shops

Register and away you go, you may have to pay a delivery charge say £3;00 and they give you a delivery slot and they bring your needs to you

Give it a try


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