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Anxiety/panic attacks


Please help me? I have developed ridiculously violent anxiety/panic attics.... to a point where I genuinely believe I'm having a heart attack. I cant breathe, I get sharp pains everywhere and the worst one I had my left arms and jaw went numb. Both times I've been hospital nothing has shown up on ECG and blood tests etc. So my body itself is fine. I used to really abuse cocaine but I've turned my life around now for the past 6 months maybe longer. If anything much symptoms are getting worse. I've explained to the doctor about my past and they just said it's an after effect from it. I know I was a real idiot but should I have to suffer even after I've made good choices to change my life. It's getting to a point I cant take it anymore. I'm so scared. Someone please help with other options

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hi i dont know how to wpork the forum i am just new looking for medical help myself id say well done in beating your cocaine addiction i was on benzodiapenes since 2002 and stopped myself in jan this yr the withdrawls were crazy i dont know if similar im struggling with the aftermath no help available

not sure if you got my reply willing to talk to you if you like

Make yourself healthier and enjoy soup, salads of all vegetables and fruits.

enjoy taking in breadth and try mindful meditation youtube, which you can google, educational and motivational videos on youtube and more! Start enjoying life, now that you have made a good choice, looking after yourself! God Godess. Pray and start living life.

Thank you. I have made lots of different health choices. I have lost 2 stone 10lbs since I quit the drug, I have started running and weight lifting. Lots of things. I am still very sociable etc but I'll randomly get a horrible attack when I'm just in a normal situation. Honestly dont know what to do

You need to consider if your are having problems with sensitivities associated with your Drug addiction. Also are you taking any medications for your Anxiety

Anxiety can be treated with medications, however I suppose your Doctor is trying to prevent you taking drugs until he feels you are out of the addiction you had in the past.

Try Mindfulness Relaxation Technique that may help you relax, you can purchase on Amazon.

If you are past your addiction the Doctor may also arrange a course of CBT so you can talk out your problems and any expectations you have for the future.

I do feel the Doctor may prefer not using medication, until He is sure they will not have a negative affect on your withdrawal

Can you also explain what your problems are, we may be able to assist in your recovery and moving on to a more positive future


Hello. i wake up panic attacks every morning tight chest etc etc. I know its hard and painful to get through however what i do is take deep breaths and do this slowly and tell yourself you are safe.

Also workout does help reduce the panic attacks. I hope this helps.

Everything is appreciated thank you. Is there any kind if medication I can get just over the counter that could help? Something that isnt too strong but might take the edge off the attacks

What is happening sounds allot like what I have had. Caused by PTSD. I to turned to drugs and alcohol. I have been clean since may 29 th 1989 with these help of NA and my higher power.

For anxiety I have a therapist and a psychiatrist. One thing that is suggested by both is to stay in the moment. Look to the positive. And take it one day at a time. There is a podcast call "Terrible Thanks For Asking" the latest is called "Welcome to the club". It is worth there 20 minutes.

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