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Currently having a panic attack over death


I really am sorry to post about this topic so frequently, but I'm just currently freaking the fuck out over dying. Like someone put up an RIP pic on Instagram and I just went crazy. I got so scared. A million thoughts started running through my head. About all of it - how I'm going to do, will it hurt, will I see it coming, will it be peaceful, will it be soon or later in ny life, what happens after, and trying to comprehend not "being" anymore. Currently going to take a Xanax to call myself down but anything that has to do with death is a trigger. A gun on tv, an RIP post, a gone too soon post.

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So when you freak out, what are you doing to calm yourself down other than take medication?

What help have you gotten to help you work through this fear!

It is really scary, but you have got to work through this. It will get better, but it does take time.

If you are working with a health professional keep trying what they have asked you to do.

It does take time for us to retrain our brains, so you have to stick with the techniques you have been given to try. Same with being able to calm yourself down when you do get anxious. Practise breathing techniques and coping strategies everyday even when you are nice and calm, this way when you need then you will be able to just like it is second nature.

Take care and keep working , you can control this fear.

Try turning this around fact is were all gonna die at some point stressing wont change that will it! All the energy and anxiety you use stressing about the inevitable could be used to concentrate on living! Tell yourself that instead of making your life miserable with these thoughts of death, as soon as you start feeling this way look in the mirror and laugh out loud at how pointless these feelings are! At first it will seem rediculous but in a very short time the laughter will become reality and you WILL start to believe in the power of the mind! PLEASE give it a try for a month at least... every time you feel yourself slipping go to the mirror of faith.

You have no need to fret over posting so many times; this is what this blog is intended to be like, providing answers to your problems, problems that may well have been ongoing for years. Death is something I have never become obsessed by maybe because, as someone has said to you, there is nothing anyone can do about it. We all die at some point in time. However, I understand how it has become a dangerous thought for you and as such what I would do is to request another appointment with your psychiatrist and then tell him anything and everything. Any psychiatrist worth his salt would listen sympathetically to you and respond likewise. If he prescribes medication then at least try it with the thought in mind that antidepressants can take up to eight or even longer weeks to begin to work. I wish you all the best of British.


The ironic thing is that death is more pure then life,

Death does not judge anyone by their gender,colour,religion,mental state, or what species they are.

I would be more worried about life, in life all of those things happen everyday, we kill each other, we judge each other, we abuse each other.

There is jealosy, glutten, envy, hate the list goes on.

But in death, there is only one thing and that is the certainty of not walking this world forever.

"But there is more to life then just hate and pain, there is also love & joy"

Yes those do exist, but would you apperciate them as much without the certainty that nothing ever lasts.

I think not because its not how life and humanity work.

Not being, is being nothing. When I used to worry about death, I would cast my mind back to the time before I was born, to a time when I was not alive. Nothing. Nothing to be afraid of, just peaceful nothingness. Peace for every moment of the last 13 billion years, right back to the big bang. Peace, even when the atoms in my body were being formed in the core of a dying star. Perhaps after life there is more to experience, but if not then being nothing is certainly nothing to fear.

So you've already been there. Was it so bad? Try looking backwards rather than forwards in time. It always helped me.

Thinking back to when I wasn't born actually is a very helpful technique, thank you for that


I have the same thoughts as you and the way I look at it is that we only die on one day yet we have so many days in life so why worry about something that will happen one day and then you lose the enjoyment of every other day I used to worry so much about dieing that I wasn't enjoying the life that I have on a day to day basis.We didn't worry about being born so why worry about dieing it comes to us all at some point so try not to over think it and enjoy every day one at a time.Take care.

That's very interesting

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