Panic attack

So today I had a panic attack. I felt like my heart wasn't beating and my chest area felt so cold. It felt like it was cold from the inside. And I felt my heart was frozen and that's when I had a panic attack and felt my heart beating really fast and I got all shaky and weird. Idk what's happening to me. I constantly feel something is stopping my heart and that triggers my panic. Can anyone help?

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  • Hi what your going through sounds like Anxiety, more than Depression, there are two

    Specific Anxiety Sites here and you might get more help from them, as that's the kind

    Of Posts that are on. it. Here it is a more Drpression based site and it does seem

    Quiet at the moment. I would try those sites , and I presume you are seeing

    A Dr. As well. These type of symptoms are usually harmless so try and distract

    Yourself by doing something , going for a walk, do a bit of baking or listen

    To music. Hope you get it under control soon.


  • Thanks hannah. I actually posted this in the wrong community :p

    but thank you. I'll try my best to battle this. It's so so hard 😔 I can't stay calm 💔

  • Hello

    Do you know what has caused your Panic attacks ?

    I generally use relaxation techniques to calm my Chronic Pain and associated Depression. Have you been given any instruction from a CPN ??


  • Yes usually when I am getting breathless or I feel like I am detached and not in my body or I feel lightheaded or my chest area feels cold and my heart beat seems funny i think it's something serious. I can't help It. It keeps happening and I get panicked and have an attack. Usually distractions work but I have no distractions to distract me much any more😳

  • Hello

    If you are feeling breathless, try putting your hand loose over your mouth and take slow breaths, what happens is the wasted used breath becomes saturated and that should slow your panic down.

    One way you can also do this is breath into a paper bag, this has the same effect.

    I tried to pass on relaxation techniques to you this afternoon and I lost it when I tried to send it. I will come back tomorrow with that as I have had a bad day with my medications. Sorry.


  • I will try that next time if it happens. I hope it doesn't 😔

    that's alright. Thank you so much 😊

  • I know how you feel. What did you do that helped? Try and remember for next time.

    Wishing you the best!

  • "7/11" breathing can help - breathe in to the count of 7 through your nose then breathe out to the count of 11 through your mouth. Even if you can't manage to last breathing out till 11 just keep counting. It's similar to what Bob has written as it's to do with the oxygen/co2 balance and affects the physiology by really calming down. Has worked for me and others I know. Hope it helps a little.

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