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make memories not clutter

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I’m not saying you should go minimalist or never shop again; What i’m saying is accumulate experiences and memories more than you do stuff. Something I learned last year living in my car was that the more material things you have, the more stress it brings.

So many people have so much stuff sitting around (it’s common in the US to have a garage as well as a separate storage space filled with things) and buy things just because it made them feel good for a few moments. The problem with buying frivolous things all the time is that it adds up and takes space in your life and mind. Living in my car was stressful sometimes but it was freeing because of the lack of things I had to keep track of. Since everything I had was in my mid-size suv and I took pictures instead of buying souvenirs, I had more mental energy and time to spare on what matters. I wasn’t overwhelmed by all the laundry, organizing and cleaning that comes with having lots of things.

I live with my parents again but since then, I’ve made a rule for myself: make sure all of your personal things you own fits in one room neatly; It helps so much with my anxiety and stress. I have more mental energy and managing my finances is easier since the only “vice” I ‘really’ splurge on is organic food and weed. (i’m not telling anyone to to do drugs, so don’t come at me)

So instead of shopping sprees try a picnic at the park, learning to cook something with a friend/family member, going for a walk, hiking, exploring a farmer’s market or taking a day trip to the closest beach, stargazing, a weekend holiday/vacation in the next town over, playing a sport or trying a new hobby.

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Hi katiekat, It was interesting to read your post. I am glad that this routine is working for you, however it doesn't necessarily mean that it can work for others too. Each person is an individual and different ways works for different people, they have to find their own way.

Well done that you have been able to find a way that suits you.

So pleased that you are back home with your family.

Good luck and wishing you well.

MAS Nurse & Moderator.

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ugghhh. I didn’t ‘say’ it works for ‘everyone’, and even if I did, my post isn’t law so people can make their own decisions.

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I have reached this point in my life. In fact last night I started to go through one of my closets.

I've had years of "stuff" and now realize I don't want a lot of stuff. I also have had many deaths over the last four years and have been responsible to go through other people's stuff. It's a lot of work. I would never want my kids to have to go through all these things

I've also told them no more things I would rather time together.

Agree it's not for everyone. But I'm working in the downsizing now.

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good for you trying to move on an organize even though it’s hard.

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It is hard but I have filled another bag and a box already

Just having a coffee break.

I've just accumulated so much and for what?

I envy you having it all in one room

I would require more space haha. But I just want things simple.

I enjoyed your post. It's right where I am in my life right now.

Thank you

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well, I don’t have kids or other people’s things to go through so It’s probably more complicated and messy for you. I admire that you’re pushing through that.

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Ty. My friends and husband are cheering me on. You are part of my cheer team.

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