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Random memories/flashbacks?

I posted previously about trying to get ahead of my winter depression this year. Well operation is full steam ahead, I have been taking Vitamin D supps and using a SAD lamp in the mornings for approx. 3 weeks now as well as doing housework in a morning so I a) have an active start to the day and b) don't have to contemplate housework at night when my energy levels are zero.

Overall I feel I have much more energy, wake up feeling ready to get up rather than like I want to sleep forever - although I know winter has far from kicked in properly yet.

However one weird thing I've noticed is that since I've made the changes, I've started having the most random flashbacks - to mundane things like a shop I once went in, a random classroom at school, or playing a specific game in my cousin's room when we were little. I've googled and found that this can be associated with increased mental stimulation and recovery from depression, so it would tally I guess.

Does anybody else experience these?

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Hi do you think those sad lamps work? I've often wondered. I don't like the dark nights and mornings😒They are miserable, I started taking vitamin about 4 weeks ago. Perhaps it's a coincidence but I've been having dreams about things that happened many years ago. My first day st school !!! 49 years ago!! How random is that!!! My dog that had a brain tumour and made her have fits!! That was over 25 years ago I wondered why all of a sudden I'm being reminded of those things!!

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How weird, yes that's just it, memories I really actually have no use for from years ago keep popping up!

It's hard to say whether the light works yet, I would say I'm feeling good at the moment but we are not yet fully into the dark mornings and nights so the true test will be the dreaded dark days after Christmas! But I'm trying to be positive about it in case there is even a placebo effect I can benefit from.

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How bizarre, but yes. That's been happening to me too. I've used my SAD lamp every day since March and I'm finding it very effective in the darkness. It imitates the sunset too.

You've got an enviable routine going there. Well done. I have problems with my memory, but odd memories pop up to visit now. I enjoy them though.




I'm glad you feel better so far. Yes I have had those random thoughts. Childhood memories etc. Remembering clothes and boots I had as a teenager etc in quite clear detail. My mind is often a fog. I forget events or days and months even years.


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