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At the end of my tether


Well I’m usually pretty much smiling most of the time and get on with life best I can


Why do things all come at pretty good at making sense and filtering out all the crap.

It just seems my body or brain is lately getting knocked for 6 but I’m feeling every time this happens I’m getting less able to cope.

I was in emergency accommodation.i have now been moved in to a rather nice room which I nicely decorated and as it has a large bay window I thought I would make a nicely shaped storage bench with cushions.i know how idilic.

Well it is.ive nothing to complain about regarding my room.

The house has 5 ppl living here including me who are all around about my age 49.

Now here is the thing.the guy who lives next door is 27,nothing against a 27 year old.

What I do take offence to is his rather bad attitude to the fact where because he didn’t like what I said which wasn’t rude in any way,he thought he would shout at me and say”I’m going fxxxing well splat you over the wall.

Wow nice second day of living here.

Now every one else is polite and we have a good chat.

This guy smokes weed from 8am till about 10pm.he smokes it in the toilet which makes it stink he drops ash on the floor.he smokes it in the kitchen and I have to breath it in.he smokes so much in his room you would have thought he was smoking in my room it stinks so much.every thing in my room is now starting to stink of weed.

He shouted at me the other morning because a guy came around from the housing department to install some window blinds at 9 am.

He apparently had had a bad nights sleep.

He said I wind him answer was sorry mate I haven’t got a key big enough.

This guy has absolutely no respect for me the house or sorry but the way he behaves is absolutely disgusting.

I’ve contacted the housing department 2 weeks ago and no action.the tenancy states no smoking in the house no drugs etc etc.

So I’ve purchased my self a door draft excluder for the bottom of my door plus some insulation rubber for the surround of my door.

I bloody hate living here it’s total misery and it’s certainly not helping my mental health.i can imagine second hand weed smoke is mixing with my meds I take.

My wife I split up with in April has now after an argument decided to txt me this morning saying I’ve two weeks to get my stuff out of the garage and my work shop at the end of the garden.if I don’t remove it she will get s skip.

I just don’t need this as well as my colitis now re emerging.

I know she is not allowed to get rid of my stuff and has to give me written notice of when I’ve to get my stuff out.if she does skip my stuff I know I can take her to court and claim back what she has skipped but with new retail price not what it was worth

I woke up with a migraine and vertigo this morning and am feeling totally crap

Sorry just wanted a moan.

My stomach hurts so much I can hardy type or feel my fingers.i feel again detached from my body and feel totally numb


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I hope you find something more suitable but in the meantime avoid, avoid like the plague - nasty people should be avoided for your mind and health - I am sorry you are going through such a hard time but try to find something more liveable - most perfect situation

Hi indie

Thanks for the concern.

I have to wait till the housing department find me somet let alone actually reply to my bloody emails.

Could you not speed things up by speaking to the person in charge?

I’m going tomorrow.

The thing is,why should I have to move ?

I’ve newly decorated my room !

I’m not the one at fault

It would be fine if he didn’t live here.

I never met any one who thinks it’s one rule for me and another rule to some one else.

He’s a Fxxxing Twxt to be honest.

He speaks complete Bxxxcks.

He complains he got this and that,yet I don’t seem him helping him self at all to be a better person but then he probably doesn’t think he has to change as he thinks he’s always right all the time.

Every thing I say he slams me down.

When I do put him right he just acts like an arse and acts in a threatening way.

He is probably on downward spiral and can't be helped at this point - I hope you get a solution - if he is doing something illegal can't others see it as well and could you as group get something done But you might find something much better and better group of people?

He’s not on a downward spiral he is just ignorant to the fact he doesn’t respect anything or any one.he doesn’t listen to any ones point of view.

Christ he’s on probation been jail for armed robbery thinks it’s ok to go around stabbing ppl.

What an earth did I do to land in such a hell of a about being below the first run on the ladder.never have I experienced such a hell on earth.

I think I’m gonna put my arms bands on tomorrow morning as I feel I’m going start sinking under the water if I have to deal with much more.

It’s not as if I haven’t got like 7 illnesses that I’ve to content with.

It’s just not fair yu know

Life will get better and you will find the ideal situation - believe and trust them to sort it out for you - I would say he is threatening you everyday

Thanks for listening to my cause

It’s much appreciated

Thank you very much.

Hello sorry to hear the problems your experiencing.

I think you need to find some other accommodation to live if the problems are causing health and mental illness.

Understand the problems you need to find some one to support be advocate and give your reassurance to a unpleasant situation.

Use this one for advocate services in UK might not be in all areas.

I would also please consider mental health charities.

Offers floating support and much more including benefits, well being and does have own housing.

Usually in a shared complex plus any associations and connections to supported housing.

I have added the following other charities organisations may be able to help you with many of your issues.

Health and anything else.

Please have a look at these to see how they very much can help you.

Legal matters finance will need to look at this because you have rights. Your partner has no legal right to do some of the things you have added.

Please look at the information and websites all useful.

Please if I may suggest I am sorry a lot to read but take your time please ask me anything.

Happy to help.

Law Society

Money Advice Centre

Included here men's advice website may be useful.

Housing homes and information including my own housing association .

Has supported housing all over the UK .

One or two more community organisations as well offer a range of support advice and much more.

Please if I can help further as well always happy to listen .

I would first get some support with the housing issues use the charities mentioned please wish you well please take care.

Hi mrRigatoni

Wow thanks for your support and so much info.

I’m just going to try and get some sleep and rest but I’ll be sure to read up on it tomorrow

Thanks again,much appreciated


Hello I know a lot to read have been their I advise many members on community websites like this.

I also have the knowledge expertise and qualifications experience of mental health issues.

I have anxiety depression with addiction history use it all to guide the complexities confusion of any one like yourself.

Please if I can advise need a support worker these are the people who can not only give you a voice and much more can help you deal with issues your finding hard to cope with.

I used a lot of mental health charities it does help.

If you need some one to talk to please private message me if this helps you.

Do a lot of this for those with conditions illness and addiction.

Addiction drugs the guy your mentioning has a serious mental health illness due to drugs so this is not helping you either as he probably is clueless what he is doing.

Drugs change people personalities and he needs to be aware of the harm he is doing to you and himself but unless he has support ways to come off needs to be removed to rehab or some other facility.

I am clean by the way and ever since deal with a lot of those serving time and on probation in the past volunteer services.

Also those doing addiction mainly alcohol need some one with compassion, sensitivity and empathy always if I can listen ready to be supportive.

From all walks of life and society.

Unfortunately drugs is a way of coping for him and he is never going to listen because the drugs are controlling his brain.

My concern is your safety your wellbeing I would be cautious but also seek the guidance I would and have offered.

Please take care keep in touch.


Yes I’ve been clean some 15 yrs now and I’m so proud of my self.

I know what drugs do to a person and how it changes there personality and out look on life.

But I’ve woken up today after a much better sleep and am feeling positive about the outlook for today.

Thanks ever so much for your undivided attention and your support

Very sorry to hear what u r going through..n hope things get better n u will be back to ur bouncy self.

Hi ya

Thanks hippo for your support.

Bouncy hmm well that would be just wonderful but right at this moment in time my spring is coiled and very very flat.i think in fact my spring may go rusty for the amount of tears I’ve shed for all the disappointment and total let down by every one and body

U gotta have "hope" things will change for the better, because sometimes thats all we have in life.Ya never know what tomorrow,a second from now or year from now ,may bring u.

Yer I know.the hope is always in the pit of my stomach with all the positive juices.unfortunatly they have been over come with issues out of my control.

And another thing,tell me how cruel can it be for some one to play bloody games with some one that not only has mental issues but also neurological problems.i mean come on,how to destroy some one or try to in one fowl swoop grrr

Sometimes we cant fight every battle n have to choose a different course for our own health.

Perhaps I should become a nun or a monk and take the vowel of silence.that way nothing can hurt me especially being in the four walls of a monetary.

That reminds me.once when I was heavily in to meditation I used to imagine and feel a bullet proof bubble around me and i tell you what it worked wonders.i did some meditation last night while going to sleep and it’s like my body felt as though it was inflating and filling with somet nice !!!

With regard to the person next door He will not be allowed to smoke Weed or Tobacco. It will be up to the on site Warden to approach Him and explain the rules, and get him to stop especially if the stench is becoming unbearable. Talk to the Warden or Social Services.

Your domestic concerns regards your property, try and discuss with your Wife some more time to get the stuff out. It seems to be unreasonable, although I do not know the situation between the two of you. Are you still paying part or all of the rent or mortgage.

Can you afford to put your items in a Lock-up for the time being, Have words with your Social Team or the department you are dealing with, Explain the problem and work on their advisement, they may be able to suggest something


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