Unlocking the memories

Had my first one to one CBT ,

I feel exhausted. It was interesting and I'm sure it helped.

I discussed some things for the first time in my life, that felt both good and bad, along with very very sad....

It reiterated to me that I have always suffered with anxiety starting in early childhood, although always hid it well from people as I grew up

. Im sure over the next few days I will analyse it more and stuff will come to the surface. The interesting thing is that I have always had the traits and no one associates the way I am with anxiety, just that I'm a one off and can be a little different....eg I never want to make arrangements in advance, people around me laugh at me and have been known to say you are so annoying, or eccentric or weird.......that is just a small example.......

It has made me think a lot since I got home, and I have mixed feelings.

I have another appointment for next week.......

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  • All the best people are eccentric and weird! I'm so glad you went are feeling positive about it. Was it really awkward sitting 1:1 with someone for so long?

  • No it was a 50 min session and it went quickly....

    Very tiring afterwards and emotional.....but glad I went x

  • Hi

    It is strange starting therapy I know, I remember my first session! It's especially disconcerting when you start making links to the past, it can be natural to feel ambivalent and have very mixed feelings about that process, but hopefully it will help you to understand what you've been anxious about and why, and understanding is the first step to overcoming a problem!

    I think your individuality will make you interesting but if you are anxious then maybe the way you have shown your interesting bits will have been affected by that. I bet that as your anxiety reduces so the things that made people laugh at you will make them more obviously laugh affectionately - they may have been doing that anyway, when you're anxious it's hard to read the messages correctly.

    Anxiety can get in the way of making relationships so hopefully the CBT will help you establish how you are with people and help the relationships you form feel more settled.

    Take care and hope the rest of the sessions are helpful.


  • Thank you Sue.....think I will sleep tonight for sure xx

  • It just shows how talking to someone can help so much. You have obviously found a therapist you get on with.... brilliant. All good wishes for the next session and sleep tight.

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