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Does anyone else deal with fear of death?


I’m a extreme hypochondriac and I’m always worrying about my health and my family’s health. I’m only 20 and I’d say I’m more on the healthier side. I’ve been to doctors and hospitals loads of times and everything is okay but I just can’t help but worry about any type of feeling inside me.

For the last year or so I’ve become extremely scared to die, like dying from a illness or a heart attack etc. I don’t really think about stuff like car crashes and stuff. It’s a terrible feeling , I’ll be about to fall asleep and I’ll just randomly think omg what if I die I won’t even know I’m dead.

It sounds so stupid when I say it out loud and don’t feel like anyone understands so just wondering if any of you are dealing with the same or similar ? x

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Hello Welcome

I understand you are suffering Anxiety and worry that you are going to die. You are very young to worry about such a thing and to be honest many young people do worry about this problem.

You need to consider your age and your fitness, and to be honest with you if you were to die would you remember it anyway, To pass in your sleep is most probably the best way to depart this earth, we go to sleep and wake up hopefully in a better dimension that what you left. In my age at sixty nine this choice is very well preferred.

There is nothing we can do regards passing over if it is our time that will be the end and sad to say as you get older the need to accept that is that much more pronounced, so stop worrying

Your Doctors have advised you you are fit and there is nothing wrong, you need to accept that. Do yourself a favour and consider you have a long way to go, yes we all can have accidents or become very ill and die. The real situation we find ourselves in is we will begin to live to at least our ninetees, hundreds. Worrying about death distracts us from living our lives to their full and that is not a good idea, so we live our lives fully like there is no tomorrow and enjoy the buzz, You are a long time dead. Why worry, I have been disabled for over thirty years and disabled, I have not been stopped or discouraged for enjoying life in general and yes I am disabled. That does not prevent me enjoying my Life

Enjoy, you have a long life to live, live it


We_ka in reply to borderriever

Thank you for your reply bob. I definetly look upto your way of looking at life.. I can always appreciate and respect that I could have it much worse and I am in good health. Which is the most important thing, you have a disability and are still able to stay positive and I respect that so much! It makes me feel silly for even thinking the way I do. But as we all know our mental states can get the best of us.

Thank you once again. Take care xx

not quite the same thing but this post might give you some ideas on coping strategies

Hello Gambit

All ok,

It is one of those coping skills we can advise. The young all go through this phase in life.

As we get older the fear changes, when we age fully we generally come to terms with what is coming in our future.

Keep a hold



Once, you grow strong with prayers and visualisation of angels and god helping you - this will seep into your dreams and subconscious brain and you will feel the effects as good

I go through exactly the same feeling. Exactly the same fear of death worried that little ailments would lead to death. and then work myself into a panic. I spent almost 8 months sleeping in my car at ER car parks. and then going home in the mornings, it is a horrible feeling

Hi! :)

I just turned 17 and I feel the same way my doctor just told me a few weeks ago that I have an irregular heart rate. It’ll go from 80 something to almost 130. My doctor reckons it’s most likely anxiety but I’m scared that it’s some other underlying condition that I could die from. I’ve always been scared of death but I feel like since that moment I’m more scared of dying then ever before. It’s a really weird feeling. Also when I try to sleep I’ll suddenly think about death and wake up suddenly, scared that I’m going to die I honestly thought I was the only one who felt like that.

I’ve realised I kind of need to just not think about it and just live my life since there’s literally nothing I can do to beat death and that it’s going to happen no matter what (although thinking about that just makes it worse) I just hope when it does happen it’s when I’m old and I die in my sleep I don’t want anything to happen where I know I’m going to die.

Just know that you aren’t alone I think a lot of people who suffer from bad anxiety (especially health anxiety) are afraid of dying

We_ka in reply to PeachyBlossom

I totally understand you girl.

Literally everything you said I can relate to and it’s so difficult when people say oh your only young you have a long life ahead , because realistically we do know that but we just can’t help thoughts that cross our minds!!

That happens to me when I’m trying to fall asleep as well, you’ll be ready to sleep and then it will cross your mind the thought of death or dying and not knowing when and it just keeps you up because your body goes straight into anxiety mode. It’s crazy

I agree though we can’t change the unchangeable so we just have to live our life to the fullest as everyone always says!

Just got to find the best way to deal with the thoughts.

Hope your okay, drop me a message anytime if you need to talk xx

PeachyBlossom in reply to We_ka

I honestly try and block the thoughts out of my mind and sometimes it works but then at random times it’ll suddenly just pop into my mind and (like you said) I’ll go into anxiety mode

I’ve noticed I think about it more at night too probably since I’ve got more time on my hands.

And thank you I hope you are ok too! 😊😊


I have no fear of death because I believe that I'm gonna be in hevean with our Lord & Jesus when it's my time plus with what I've been through healthwise in the last 12 mnths, the various health & mental health issues I have they have given me this outlook on life

I've been struck by lightning, runover & had open heart surgery all before I was 30, so you could say life has dealt me cruel blow after cruel blow, but I don't see it that way, just made me stronger

We_ka in reply to Hidden

I’m really sorry for everything you’ve had to go through I can’t even imagine the pain.

I am happy on the other hand that it’s helped you to have a more positive outlook on your future. Bless you X


Thanks, the lightning & runover was before I was 12, but I believe that I was spared for a reason. Might have to go through open heart surgery again & @ risk of another stroke, but none of that is stopping me from living my life to the best

The main reason is that, should I not have had the open heart surgery when I did, there's a good chance that I won't be alive right now

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