Feeling worthless

I often feel that I am not good enough in everything I do. My siblings are all undergraduates and have a good high paying job but I am just a piece of shit. I do not have a high education, I do not have a proper job nor do I have a boyfriend. I am worthless. I also having a hard time finding a job because of my skin situation. I have bad cystic acne despite being 27. I am also skinny and many people keep telling me and asking me why i am so skinny, do i not eat or i should gain weight and it actually hurts my feelings. I do not have any confidence and it deters me from doing my best. I am alone and would cry at night I feel so depress about my life. :(

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  • Maybe you shouldn't compare yourself to other people, life is not a big competition between you and everyone that you know, if you are not good at things so be it.

    There are bound to be things that you enjoy and if you enjoy them that's the main thing, you don't really need to be good at them.

    As for being skinny, do you think you are or are you just listening to what other people are saying.

    Be happy with yourself, you are living so embrace life and go do things with it.

    Make yourself happy for you, if you want competition then be in competition with yourself.

    I bet you are a really nice person.

    Chat in here anytime with us if it helps, there is always someone here for you.

  • thank you Jimatom x

  • You are welcome.

  • Comparing ourselves to other people is a recipe for disaster which will only ever make us feel miserable but it's a difficult habit to break! You're not worthless just because you're not a graduate with a well paid job. Having a well paid job is no guarantee of happiness or job satisfaction. Those people who are picking on you for being skinny are probably jealous of you, or feeling bad about their own body shape. Unfortunately some people try to make themselves feel better by putting other people down. Try to concentrate on your own journey through life and to take less notice of what others are doing or saying. It's not an easy thing to do though. What sort of things are you interested in and what do you enjoy?

  • i try to not compare myself with others but sometimes, it's hard to ignore that feelings. anyway, thank you tofler x

  • Yes, not comparing ourselves to others is a hard habit to break and I struggle with that myself. What sort of things do you enjoy doing?

  • Hello needhelpgirl, welcome to this very supportive community. As you have seen from the responses to your post already, that folks here are very willing to come alongside and offer support and advice. I support what has already been said. It is hard to resist comparing ourselves with others, and coming up short in our eyes. But you are a unique individual, with your own talents, gifts and creativity. You have something unique to offer in this world, as do we all, it would be a boring old world if we were all the same! Sometimes it takes time to find our niche, to find out what we like to do and makes us happy. It starts inside, by learning to love and accept yourself for who you are, and not how you think others think you should be.

    Have you spoken to your doctor about maybe accessing some talking therapies local to you, which can really help you to look at how certain thought processes affect our behaviours, and that with help we can change those unhelpful patterns, blossom and grow. Experiencing anxiety and depression and feeling socially withdrawn with your medical condition is not unusual. Again have a chat with your GP about how you feel and how your condition is affecting you, and find out what other help you can access. Take a look at these links they may help:



    Keep posting! Best Wishes.

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