(I'm in high school)

I am so depressed and I have been for the last about 7 months. My grades suck even though I am actually quite intelligent. I have such a poor work ethic and don't care to do my work, yet I expect great grades. We made course selections recently for next year and I am so flustered, as I am not taking as high of courses as everyone else. I am so worried I will not get into a good college or have a good job. BTW IM PLANNING ON BEING SUPER RICH AND FAMOUS! I know I have the potential for greatest, but the light is dim right now and I am unable to find the motivation to do homework. I feel so helpless and I want to talk to someone about this, but I don't trust anyone. I also think I have high anxiety, but I am too scared to talk to anyone about that either. PLEASE HELP!!! I JUST NEED SOMEONE TO TELL ME I'M NOT HOPELESS AND THAT I WILL BE SOMEONE SPECIAL IN LIFE!!


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  • We are all someone special but we don't all expect to be rich and famous . Perhaps concentration g at this point on doing well in the next year of school should be your goal.

    How you do that is down to you. Are you able to talk to your parents or a close relative ? School councillor ? Its quite usual to have lots of doubts and worries at your age ( secondary school I would guess) and certainly the school will have someone experienced in discussing the kind of concerns you have.

    Good luck with your studies and finding some advice.


  • Hi I agree with Dee. It is hard to advise you unless we know your age. How old are you please? x

  • Hello.

    I'm one of the 'Baddies' that you call 'teacher'......but I care. I REALLY care about pupils. I am sure you will have a teacher like me in your school that you really can trust. but know that if they are concerned you may be in danger of any sort it;s the teacher's duty to tell the Headteacher so they can make arrangements to support you.

    You do sound very special to me. you sound like a lovely person who could do with some extra support and some hugs from friends or family. Are you close to anyone? Do you have any pets? I rely on my pets when I am down and upset. They give me cuddles and don't make things worse.

    We are all here so make use of us and we can chat any time.

    Chin up and look at that world outside that can give you so much.


  • Some of your statements lead me to believe you are not in high school . You need to talk to your parents and ask them to take you to your family doctor. Were you , are you takings drugs ? You can overcome this but first I think you need to see your family doc .

  • With study all I can really say is do not cram, and if you get stuck on one subject, pick up another subject and study for a time with that, if you feel tired when swotting walk away, or try something else.

    Do not swot for hours, work in two hour periods you may find you will retain more information that way.

    Do not be self critical, you will just feel worse because of it. Allow yourself time once a week to take a break. You may also, depending on the subjects you are studying make lists of the main points you are studying. Learn is short intensive bites. Break down study in ways you find easy, using words or phrases to remember things.

    We are here if you need a chat


  • I think you need a GP appointment, tell him your worries in confidence. A family member is on anti-anxiety medication and it's the best thing they have done to help themself. Go book it now and good luck.

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