Just a sad mom

Just a sad mom

Hello everyone. It sucks having depression. I had my first antidepressant prescribed to me when i was 17. I'm 54 now and I'm on Cymbalta. It only helps a little now. I've been on it for 10yrs. I have the type of depression that is the constant, lie-key to. Know on in my everyday life would really even notice. Only those who I've shared my deepest feelings. I've learned to just kind survive and do what i gotta do daily.

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  • I know what you mean - it becomes a way of life and you end up forgetting a time where you didn't feel that way. Do you think it might be worth reviewing whether it's still working after such a long time, or perhaps worth considering something new? x

  • Hello B4D, welcome to this community. I think many people with long-term mental health problems like depression, learn coping mechanisms that work for them. But it doesn't make it necessarily easier to live with in a sense. Have you had a medication review recently with your doctor, to possibly think about trying a different type of anti-depressant? Sometimes being on long-term medication, the body becomes tolerant and they become less effective. There are many different types of anti-depressants that may suit one person more than another. Also, can you access any psychological therapies through your doctor? Sometimes even if you've had therapy in the past, a new course of therapy can address things at another level. Take a look at the links under the Pinned Posts section to the right of this screen at the free MH guides. Hopefully you will find other users here who share your experiences and will give some helpful thoughts and advice. Keep posting. Take care.

  • Hi. Yes, I agree with you depression sucks. However, I like to think it can help to make me a better person - more sensitive to others with mental health issues. Though I know this isn't always easy when your feeling rubbish. Can you chat to your GP about your medication - you say it only helps a little. Are there any other treatment options you can explore? A mix of things seems to help me most of the time just now (low sugar diet/ exercise/ yoga etc). Sorry, don't know if that's helpful. Take care.

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