Am I just depressed?

Hi a,

Before you get defensive I don't mean just in a diminishing way, I know how debilitating depression can be what I mean is that I am currently being referred to a neurologist, I have 6 blood tests coming up and an mri booked and I'm wondering if all these tests are pointless. If depression alone could be causing all my symptoms. I guess when I say just I mean only am I only depressed as opposed to being depressed and having 10 other conditions haha. So the symptoms are as follows (side note I suffer from cfs and fibromyalgia), in the past 3 weeks I have lost a further stone, have extreme fluctuations in my appetite, I'm extremely tired with an irregular sleeping pattern, I'm struggling with noise, light concentration and people, I've left my house approx 4 ti,estate in the past 4 weeks, my legs constantly ache and burn as do my eyes, and I just can't be bothered to get up it just seems to difficult it takes too ,Uchida energy and it's pointless by time I get up and have a shower I feel too exhausted to do anything else, but if I don't showering feel too disgusting to do anything else... does this sound like depression or something more? I'm not sure if I'm second guessing myself due to a reality check or just so that I can convince myself the appointments are unnecessary and just stay in bed instead of going to the hospital...

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  • If your GP has referred you to the hospital for tests then you have to assume those tests are necessary. They may define other problems other than depression, and knowing the problems is a big step towards treating them.

    Whether you go for the tests or not, and my advice is very strongly to go don't just stay in bed and not turn up. Let the hospital know if you're not going. the Health service is stretched enough without patients just not turning up for appointments , which happens far too frequently.

    i do feel for you and your conditions and realise that with depression its often very difficult to keep appointments but you have everything to gain by going and nothing to lose, only if it does n't do more than rule out some conditions.


  • Hi nice to meet you. Depression is very common in chronic conditions and your doctor should take you seriously and be able to help. Tell them how you are feeling. x

  • But they don't ,we need help wannie xxxxxxxxx

  • Na. Go to the appointments. Tell me you don't realy think depression is causing all your symptoms do you? They are ruling stuff out. Cfs in itself mirrors other stuff. It has no definable test. The same with fibromyalgia. They are taking you seriously don't knock it. However much the black dog is temping you to snuggle up in bed with him. It would take expert skills at hide and seek skills to evade depressions dog from hunkering down with you for a bit. Take him for a trip to the hospital

  • Bed our only safe place wannie xxx

  • What's so safe about a bed?

  • You just have to make sure you don't fall off when bouncing on it.

    The place of night mares for me.

  • It's a safe place for me wannie

  • Fair I get sleep paralysis before andbafter sleep and chronic lumbar spasms when I wake so not so keen on my bed haha

  • My bed is my safe place too x🖤

  • Please remember that depression can leave you vulnerable to many ailments & diseases. Get your tests all done and be prepared to work on your physical and emotional health. When you get a grip on one, you will find improvement on the other. Good luck and give us updates, please.

  • You have it ,be strong love to go wannie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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