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How sad

Following a post from darkshadow about missing members I paged through the members for a few minutes covering maybe 1000 members. Despite being a member since May 2015 (quite an old member judging by the dates of joining) and possibly writing maybe approaching 1000 replies ,just an estimate, I hardly recognised the names of more than say 5 members ,certainly less than 10.

I'm not sure what this indicates (possibly my bad memory) but it certainly left me feeling a bit sad. This forum has been a considerable help to me but it did leave me wondering if this is the degree of support in what I consider a good forum for problems with depression,then do we deserve any more than the limited resources we get ? Obviously the change in ownership of the site will not have impinged yet on a very large part of the membership so I'm a bit disheartened and disillusioned.

Despite which I shall carry on replying as in the past. Even if my attempts to help reach only 10 % of the intended recipients then I'll be reasonably happy. Maybe its like Bridge clubs ,golf clubs ,Rotary clubs etc to name a few activities I used to be involved in and support for anything is just too much effort for most.


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I think it's really difficult to judge. I'm classed as one of the 'newbies' on this page as I've only been here a month or two but this place has picked me up so many times. It really is a place where I feel like I can share my true feelings and someone is going to reply that will go someway towards me not feeling isolated.

I think as depression is something that comes and goes. People might look at the page when they're feeling low but then ignore it when they're feeling okay. How often do you see posts that say 'I've not been here for X months but now I need it.' Nearly everyday there's one of those.

As I've not been here too long I don't know the history but I've seen a few posts that show what happened. I saw a post the other day that said they don't like to reply to newbies as they don't know how they'll react. That made me sad as I'm one of these that really appreciates any responses I get. PleSe continue your support as it means so much to us

I might have rambled on here but my underlying message is I really appreciate any support I get on here. I hope I speak for all 'newbies' 😊


Hello lilaclil. As I'm entirely anonymous on the forum, at least I hope no one can decode "olderal", I don't really understand how my privacy can be threatened by leaving a post unlocked. i agree "olderal's" privacy could be threatened but he's a pseudonym and would n't mind.

However I'm an old guy and not well versed in forum etiquette so I'm probably unaware of the dangers. You're certainly right about the many who never come back in reply, altho i have n't met any nasty ones. Maybe another reason I quite like this forum.

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Hope no one minds my adding my 2p's worth here! I found my way to this forum, searching for answers, due to seeing unlocked posts. I didn't know Health Unlocked existed until then. So, to be honest, I'm very grateful to the people who didn't lock their posts. I didn't see anything extra other than the post and pseudonym and, to meet Data Protection Laws, safeguards still need to exist to try and stop people hacking into HealthUnlocked for connections to real identities.

I know that I might look at things differently from others - for some reason I always seem to be the 'odd' one - regardless I'm happy to fall in with what the majority prefer and if that is locking posts then I have no problem doing that. If people feel more secure that way I suppose it is one extra line of defence and it is easy enough to do. However, and maybe I'M the one being paranoid, but I've always assumed that if I've written something on the internet, regardless of where, it's hack-able and if someone is determined and interested enough to get through to the real identity then they will. Look at the safeguards banks are supposed to have and yet online fraud exists. Of course banks are probably more of a target.

Sorry - rambled on when I just wanted to say that unlocked posts can be leads into HealthUnlocked for people who don't know where to turn.




I hardly ever post although I've put a few up since the change of owner. Replies an awful lot, but I can't lock those (or can I). Everyone else has a pseudonym too so are we encouraging a litlle paranoia ? I presume someone could crack the pseudonyms but presumably that super power could unlock anything they wanted as well.

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Ordeal you make a difference. Trust me


I noticed that when before I left Initially when they took my Admin post of me for asking for advice the names on the members list seemed to show various Admins, then they brought in two Admins from different sites to fill the gap.

When they decided to ban me I had noticed the dates on members when they joined all around three dates, I did not know any oof these people, the actual list seems shorter now although still there. There are very few members names we would know.

For those on here now you will need support, I will try and follow the site although now I have to consider my existing Forum who gave me a home when I was spurned here.

I will come on site for a time most days and wish Shaw all the luck they need here as they have a very good reputation



I feel disheartened by it all, i guess i'm just a little scared for how this will affect the forum's community.

I've only been on here a few weeks but it's helped me more than anyone in person has. Since joining this ive discussed my feelings with my patients, discussed seeing a GP and quitting something that made me unhappy. You and the community helped me achieve this. I enjoyed recognising users and following their story, i guess i'm just worried it's going to lose a personal feel to the site. I hope it proves me wrong.

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Hello Maisy

Hopefully with a new set up things will sort out and people here will make this place a new home, the Site in some ways in quite different to others especially to the one I contribute to now and these subtle differences will stand this site in good stead.

We all need to take faith in Shaws and move on to better things, that will help many people who are at a loss due to their mental health issues. Hopefully old Members will rise up from the ashes and help all who contribute here


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I hope so, i'm up for new members - as i was one! And i'm sure the new owners are a fantastic company i'm just one who's afraid of change and i just hope it doesn't chase away original members such as olderal as he has been a massive help to me


Thats very kind Maisy, and thank you for calling me an original member instead of an old member. I've only been a member since 2015 but we do seem to have a high turnover considering many forms of depression are recurring and one would think that members would need to keep in contact over the years.

Anyway we seem to have some very helpful new members and the new site owners appear to have a good reputation so I , and I hope everyone else will be sticking to the forum for a long while yet . It also helps me a lot, I find writing helps me , I appreciate any thank yous and likes (gives me a little glow) and reminds me that compared with some others my problems are not so huge apart from my pet elephant. He's not house trained yet.


I was very suprised when I came to look onsite the other day, I discussed with Chloe before all of this and said I would be around in the either, then all this happened and I am now looking for original members, most strange as a large tranche has disappeared. I am on another site at this time, my new home for about eight months, although I do have wam feelings for the old site still after all that went on. Life is so very complex. I will wait and see how things go here in the future

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It'll be good to have you around ,again Bob, and hope you keep well.



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