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I have been taking anti depression medication for close on 6 years I haven't had a relapse during this time. I've stayed on the same med Eflexor 75mg. Three years before that I went through a dreadful time with anxiety and depression I went on Eflexor but after 9 mths tapered off them I lasteda month or two when I was back to square one. It too me nearly two years to go back on the Eflxor that's why this time I have stayed on them so long.

My question is do I still have depression? I have neurmous other conditions that I list off but never include depression. It's not that I'm embarresed about it it's just that I don't know do I still have it. Do you say you have depression if you feel ok but are on anti depression meds.

Thanks in advance for answering.

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  • Hi copdber, I would stay on them if you are feeling good, bear in mind I'm no expert! As you said when you did taper off you lasted a month or two and back to square one. So yes you may still have depression but it is being controlled by medication. Speak to your GP see if they could just slightly reduce the dosage for a month or two so that you can see how you feel? My pennies worth :)

  • Hi, your pattern is very familiar and similar to my own but with different meds. I think the answer depends what you want to do with the depression. If you are happy to just know the symptoms have gone away then I agree with the previous answer, there's no point in risking becoming worse again and whatever caused the depression may not have changed. If you think the depression was the result of experiences and you want to look at them then you could consider very slowly weaning off them with medical supervision and at the same time talking about the feelings that emerge. It really does all depend on what you want, and also on what services are available locally on the NHS and what you can afford. Personally I would agree with the previous person, if you are happy to stay on them and feel better on them they leave things alone, but if you are unhappy about taking the meds then think whether you want to risk the feelings in order to deal with them. In my opinion it's unlikely they will have resolved themselves permanently through meds unless your life in other respects has improved so very much that it is unrecognisable. That's my view. Suexx

  • Thanks guys I appreciate you answering my question. I have been thinking of reducing them but because of the laps I had last time I'm a scared to tamper with the med. They gave me back my life it sounds a bit strong saying that but it's the truth. I would like to be free from the med if you miss even 1 dose the withdrawal effects hit straight away.

  • I always think of it like this. Depression is an illness. If you had a problem /illness with your heart, kidneys, lungs, arthritis,migraines your GP would prescribe meds. Depression is no different and I would take meds if they made me feel 'normal' again and gave me back my life. There is nothing wrong or WEAK about taking meds for depression. I am so glad that you are feeling better, long may it last. xx

  • Jeffju that's exactly what my GP says to me! When I do the 'oooo I don't want to take tablets' spiel, I get the 'well you wouldn't query a lifelong dose of insulin or inhibitor, do why are anti depressants different?' right back!

  • Thanks Jeffju, guess what I'm asking is if you had arthritis and you were on meds that enabled you to move your joints you would still say you had arthritis, so I have depression and am taking meds to make me feel "normal" do I still have depression in the same way as you would have arthritis?

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