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This Is Me

I have been diagnosed with three mental health disorders: borderline personality disorder, depandancy disorder & mixed anxiety depression disorder, it hasn't been an easy road & resulted in a stay on a mental health ward last yr

Thankfully I'm on tablets & even though I have the occassional bad moment, they're not that often & I've got a very supportive husband to be

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Hey there.

Well at least you know what you've been diagnosed with

I find that with the use of the correct meds I'm able to have a nice quiet brain where once a week I will read and practice various ideas and tools that may help.

The meds only go so far.

DIG DEEP and you will be surprised what positive outcome will be with in reach in no time.

Ever listened to benaurial beats.

If you've an iPhone or pad look it up on the App Store.

I spent ages finding the right ones.

And yes they do work and they really help you through not just the hard days but help you through the ups and does in life.

Yer I know,to bloody simple but yes they do work.

Ask your husband to have some input. They help even the average person.

It's free also so go for it.

It may take a few goes. You will need headphones and a quiet time of about 15 mins

Good luck 😁

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Thanks, haven't heard of that. I've learnt to understand when things are going wrong & how to talk about it & not take it out on others


Hi to you

Maybe it really is better to know what you're dealing with so that you can move forward now.

i hope that with the meds and your supportive husband to be (we could all use one of those!!) you're on the right road.

Warm wishes to you.


It took quite some time to get there, but worth it in the end, my family has had a harder time accepting it, but my Mum said she knew from me being a young age, but didn't tell me


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