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Mental Health during Social Conflict - Who Can We Turn Too?


I am writing from NYC. Tonight there is a curfew. Covid was an anxiety magnifier and now there is social unrest. I like many other mental health patients are experiencing deeper anxiety and depression. I have few friends and family to talk to but lucky to have a few. I only get 50 mins a week of treatment with a mental health care professional regarding my disorder and it leaves very little time to speak about these sad circumstances that have enveloped society in the USA and abroad. I look to find a person who understands our perspective and is being a leader during this crisis. The mental health repercussions will surely be astronomical for those most closely involved with these issues and many new cases of trauma will arise yet for us who already are diagnosed with conditions where can we look to see hope and a way past this storm. I pray, I try to meditate, make sure I keep up with meds and supplements, reach out to talk with friend. and blog here, but also would like to find a mental health leader who I can support and look up to. Do any of you have a particular mental health practitioner, suffer, leader, supporter you listen to during times likes these?

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Hi and thanks, sorry but I am not sure what you mean?

The situation in the USA and parts of Europe and the UK, regards Lock-down and the fears of the virus are very real, even people around the world who are generally stable in their mind are going through a great deal of stress. Personally I feel the fears associated with not only the virus, also other serious conditions like say Heart Attacks, the fact that these seriously ill people are not getting their conditions looked after because of the Covid virus.

It is only last week our Government in the UK has broadcast that people who are possibly ill to call for an ambulance to get seen on a general or Specialist Ward, it is also said by some health professionals that Wards are still generally empty and people need to call in when ill

I would imagine when all this ends the NHS as an example will be overrun by patients who are very ill or have been waiting for regular treatment needs. Cancer is another thing where patients with Cancer have not been seen for treatment and check-ups ?????.

Mental Health, people been in Lock-down will come out with problems in their Mental Health, personally I cannot think how the system will work because of numbers. I can imagine what has gone on Most have in many cases will be very bleak and it will take some extended treatments for patients to get over what they have gone through or seen

People who have had COVID 19 will also probably need to be able to talk about what they went through, even a Death, not allowed to visit them, not seeing the person before death and also families not even being allowed to attend a funeral will also rear its ugly head as these people as well will be possibly not be able to come to terms with that loss. I suppose that was a problem where in wartime family members have been unable to say good-bye.

Consider a family member been taken to hospital, they die and the family never see them again. In some countries Mass Graves have been used, the world in general has gone through a very distressing time. And we still do not know if we will be subjected to a second rise in this virus.

Yes we can try and help people in some ways here however that will be the short end of a straw.

Sad to say, we are going to be living through difficult times. As as mentioned above these sites are here to talk and give support.

Personally I was supposed to have CAB and they suggested I help myself, personally I feel this may be the case when they ration CAB, more than before. We live in interesting times


Hello Bob - great points all around. So true about all those who could not be with their loved one and also those who had to be very ill away from their family. Those moments will be very hard to move on from and much counseling will be needed. I worry about the that another generation will go by with their sorrows bottled up inside. What is CAB?

Sorry CBT Talking Therapy

Keep a hold


Aww geeze I feel bad for you and i understand where you are coming from. I'm facing similar things and yet with my Mental illness it makes it harder to cope. Yet I have good days and bad days. Im sorry Im in a fog but I hope this gets to you. I care please feel free to PM me anytime.

Thanks! Yeah I’m trying to find some gurus to get me by, been a bit down and out. Thanks for the offer. Hope you are holding up okay.

It is with dread what will will happen or what is now happening when people go back to their work and find the bosses have reorganized there worker needs. Some companies will cut and run while in England the general population will default on the money given to give support and prevent companies going bust.

If people feel all this will sort out soon I cannot see it, there is more to all this than meets the eye


Hello my friend😀Honestly the news made me worse,so i chose to only listen or watch it 1x daily n boy do i feel better.

For people like us..we r kinda on the back burner for mental health issues n honestly med issues in general.My biggest comfort is talking with peeps here that understand my daily med struggles.I cant quiet my mind for meditation because i crack up laughing so..i distract my brain with super loud music, watching comedians skits n reading or watching animal related news.It really works.

Hopefully changes in US/world r coming!?

Hi hippolove1,

What is a "peep"?

Me too! Meditation doesn't work when your mind won't cooperate. So...

I like your ideas for distraction. Would you share a link for a comedy skit and / or animals you have enjoyed?

I don't watch or listen to the news much anymore either.

Thanks for your post.

Peeps (People)(Friend/s)

My mind refuses to got it 100% My mind says "you cant make its running away to sillyville",lol

Love... love love,..Katt Williams and George Carlin(fyi..very crude,rude and obnoxious n not child friendly at times, but freakin hysterical and make u think about things u wouldn't normally think of) (comedians)

Love... "Bored and" for animal related stuff and weird stuff.

News is just depressing,stressful and not very uplifting, all of which I definitely don't need more of in my daily life.

Wonderful ideas! Thanks!

"Zo... You 'av deez conversations mit yor mind often, no? Now ve will pleez to talk about yor muther..."


See what you think of this one:

Thats def my humor..hysterical

Bored Panda has great stuff

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