Has anyone experienced the same?

I have suffered depression for many years and have just hit a low for which i have been off work for 6 weeks so far. My Dr has suggested I see the Mental health team for which I am in full agreement as I really don't want to feel like this anymore. My Dr wrote to the mental health team on 4th Feb, I received a call from the Mental health team on 7th Feb. I had a call from my Dr on 11th Feb to say Mental health wanted more info on me. Bearing in mind I have been with my Dr for 30 odd years I don't know why he needed to phone. Today I phoned Mental Health to see what the wait was like only to be told they haven't heard from my Dr. Has anyone else had to wait to see mental Health and if so how long?

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  • i wished i could see the mentel team but my gp put me on tablets and i suffered from depression for years and iam at a low at the moment

  • He only referred me to have my tablets looked at after all I have been on the same ones for the last 11 years. Have you asked to be referred?

  • Hi, first your GP possibly couldn't pass something on without your consent. The waiting list for me is about 18 months to actually see someone :(

  • Oh no i was hoping it wasn't that long

  • Hi, I do know mental health teams in different areas have different waiting times. Where I live CMHTs only see people with problems such as people with schizophrenia, manic depression or BPD and tend not to see people with depression because they are just too busy but that not far away a service supports people with a wider range of problems. How about phoning the service to ask what the procedure and criteria are for referral and what the waiting times are like after referral - it may even say all that on their website if they have one, but if not then do phone. You could also ask the GP practice what's happening about your being referred. They are not usually a crisis point for people not know to them, that's generally via a psychiatrist first so there will be probably be some waiting time. Hope you find out and the wait isn't too long, Suexx

  • Hi there,

    I think it can depend on your GP surgery, and on the length of the waiting list for the mental health team. I was refered by my GP I phoned shortly after I saw him, and rang a week later to check the refferal was made, and within a month or so had a phonecall from my local Health in Mind (Mental Health Team) few weeks later to do initial assesment,

    Then recd a letter saying list was long so would have to wait, then few weeks later recd phone call spoke to professional to find out best treatment for me, then what was on in my area re CBT courses and treatment dates.

    I have been using Health in Mind for a while and will ring up to check whats happening with apts and they are happy to help.

    I think its good idea to chase them up as they might be busy and not able to update you on your treatment.

    All the best and hope you get support soon

    Corinne xxx

  • I live in Belfast & my Doctor sent a letter of refferal off on 17 Dec & I had my first appointment last Tues I think it was 18th so it roughly only took 8 weeks. Good luck.

    Jackie xx

  • I hate to say this, but in my experience, the left and right hands of the NHS seem to live in total ignorance of each other's activities.

    I could launch into a rather searing indictment of the way CMHT / GP / Crisis Team interaction appears to resemble a macabre comedy, but I won't.

    Get your GP to hammer away at them.

    They will leave you on the line to dry if you don't.

  • hello,i was lucky in that the mental health team shared sme building as my gp.

    saw gp on thusday and got apointment with m/health team ollowing week

  • I had to wait about 9 months to see an nhs counsellor. Hope you don't have to.

    Bev x

  • Would you believe it I had a telephone call last night from the Mental Health Team, I have an appointment 2nd April. Result at last!!

  • Good, great, let's hope they can offer something helpful.

  • has anyone sussed it might be SAD,,,it gets worse in winter,,, the depression I mean, Im struggling too.

    Go and speak to your doctor and tell him what they said,,he might give them a rocket!!

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