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In Denial

For years I wouldn't believe I had depression. I refused to believe I needed help. Antidepressants? counselling? I just needed to get a grip.I didn't understand or wanted to understand mental health problems. It sure wasn't happening to me. The only way I can describe what happened to me and I realised something wasn't right is I hit a brick wall. I couldn't do my job. My partner made a doctors appointment and came with me. I still at that point thought it was a blip and it would pass and I didn't need to see a doctor. My partner explained and described everything about me to the doctor and I just sobbed. It was almost as though he was describing someone else. This couldn't be me. I now ask myself how can I expect other people/employers to understand Mental Health problems when I myself didn't initially understand?? I went on an Adult MHFA 2 day course and it completely drained me but I came away with so much more knowledge. This course is what's needed especially for employers.

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Welcome AN109

How are your now do you still suffer from Depression/Mental Health Problems ?



Hi Bob, I have improved massively over the past 4 years. I stopped anti depressants after chopping and changing to different types and dosages. I can't be around negative people for too long. I still need my space and quiet time but I have taken up yoga and it's not such a struggle to catch up with friends anymore. I had another mini breakdown 2 months ago it was horrible. Am now having therapy which is helping. I am determined to get better. I've had to sacrifice my job though.


Hi, your are right that employers need more training. Sorry to hear that you had another breakdown. I sacrificed my job for the good of the company because I felt bad about my ill health and how it would affect them. I now an struggling to get a new job, but just keep looking.

I hope your therapy is helping you and you are starting to feel better.

Take care.

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I totally agree!

The problem is employers or businesses usually run dictatorships, not democracy and the designated amount of care effectively reflects the line manager and the person above.

I've worked in Health and Social Care for several years in managerial roles and often than not when a staff is out for work related stress or depression, it means to them finding a replacement. It is very sad the way society is.

Hopefully in the future things will change!

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