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I know I have been posting a lot


Read my other posts for more information, my struggle with suicidal ideation. My parents spoke to the doctor and I may just need a change in the medication. But the feelings of suicide are so overwhelming and I just want to go through with it. But I can't because I am under supervision, my parents won't let me be alone. Anyone feel this way? Or have experienced this? My uncle came over and I talked to him, unfortunately he did not understand my mental health, and he told me to just throw all my problems away and go into the information technology field just like my cousin he even said to better than my cousin. overall he did not help with my issues. He even said he does not want me on medication event though it is helping me.

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I have been there too. Some medication has a side affect of suicidal or an increase in suicidal thoughts. With them not allowing you to be alone is for your own safety. Your Doctor has been informed which is another good thing. When I went through it. I was supervised as well. As my medication was changed it began to decrease and the thoughts have lessoned. Wish you the best, and stay strong. 😊

Thanks for the advice, looks like I just have to be patient.

Yes. Be patient and always have hope. 😊

Hi I presume you are 16/17 as when you are 18 your parents don't have to know about any meds you are on or anyone else as it is confidential.

My advice is stop talking to those who refuse to understand how you feel, including your uncle. Ask him where he got his medical degree! x

When I hear suicide. I think of the loved ones we leave behind if we die from it. I know so many families who have been so destroyed by child losing their life to suicide. As far as your uncle, ask him if he has ever walked in your shoes. I say this to my ex-husband. When he said to me before our recent divorce. He said that he did not know why life was so hard for me. I said you have never walked in my shoes, have you? He had a childhood of great memories. My childhood was not anything like his. Who is he to judge? Listen to your doctor. If they say you need the medication. Listen to them.

Is there a reason you feel that suiside is the only way for your issues? I have friends that felt doom and gloom. even when they took psychiatric meds. Until they were introduced to magnesium, tumeric,fish oil omega 3, ashwaganda,

Also blueberries and strawberries to eat more often, any antioxidants foods you can eat.

I have tried many different medication and they had no effect, lithium was the only one that had an effect. But the lithium lost its effect. Hopefully there just needs to be a change with the medication. If no change is needed then it means my problems must be solved by therapy, if that is the case I’m not sure if I can do that because I was hoping for a pill to just solve my problems.

Hello Imagine 997, Please do not worry too much about your suicidal feelings, if you had intended to do it, you would have done it by now. Our Vicar's wife was a counsellor and she advised me to collect all my worries which were in my mind, put them in a mental parcel and throw the parcel into a river. I found this to be excellent advice, please try it.

I will think of that, although the only thing stopping me is physical pain, and the fact that I am supervised pretty much all day.

What about the people who love and care for you?

Yes I do think of how I would hurt them but it seems I am doing more harm by staying alive as I will keep putting them through pain.

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