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Hi, I'm new here, just looking for some understanding

Does depression cause you physical pain?

Months ago when I first got bad I started getting physical pains, headaches, feeling like I'm going to choke, weakness/pain in legs being the main ones

I feel controlled by fear

I lie to myself but its pretty bad as I don't go out alone and I haven't worked in months

in my heart I know I'm being a chicken as I'm letting it control me but the fear is just too much, so I don't try because I don't want to feel pain

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  • Yes, depression can cause physical pain. But it's not worse if you go out, it's usually better. Once you get out and moving the pain can subside. You're not a "chicken". Don't say that about yourself. You have a disorder just like any other physical issue.

    Feeling controlled by fear sounds exactly like you also have anxiety. We often have them together. You can visit both sites, as I do.

    I'm so glad you came here. This is a great site and every new member helps each other just by being here. Sounds corny but it's true. So besides coming here, what have you done? Have you spoken at all to your doctor about this?

  • Thank you :)

    Yes I have spoken to the doctors and have just started seeing a therapist, who is the first person who took me seriously, the doctors make often make me feel worse, because I can talk and I don't want to hurt myself I'm deemed better than I am.

    I've had depression on and off for years but this is a new kettle of fish, I feel really fed up, and that people are fed up of me.

  • Good for you getting help! Smart girl. It sounds like you feel good about the therapist. Focus on that and keep it up!

  • Hi bellabella.

    Welcome to our friendly Action on Depression Forum, please dto have you join us.


  • Hi,

    I suffered with physical pain at my worst. I felt like I couldn't contain the pain any more and that I would explode from how overwhelmed I felt.

    The reason I tell you this is because it passed. No one can exist in a permenant state of sadness or happiness. You can recover from this.


  • LoriMS61, I totally agree with you. You couldn't have said any better than that! I'm so glad we have this site to share and help each other coz it seems everyone else is happy and we're not! But my Doc said he's seen 3/4 people in the same state as me that day! So thank you for sharing and there is hope xx

  • I'm so sorry for you, but you can get over it eventually. I was the same 20 years ago when my mum died, and now it's all come back again as I had a bad car crash in August (Dui) coz I have agoraphobia and a severe dental phobia so I took a little something to get me 'over the edge' (prescribed meds. and a drop of alcohol the night before) out of pure fear and terror. I know it's very easy to say, but like you, it's so bad to feel like this. I think it's because we're too sensitive.

    No one whose ever suffered this way understands, but I do, and you're not alone.

    Bless you, keep in touch xxx

  • Maybe your depression is causing your pain. Then again im no doctor.

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