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I'm 27 and I've been pretty certain for a long time that I've had depression for most of my adult life. Because it came on so slowly I guess I just thought it was a normal part of growing up to feel like that, and that everyone did. When it got really bad just over a year ago I started googling symptoms because it was pretty obvious to me by then that something wasn't right. I didn't bother going to my GP because I didn't think there would be much they could do for me other than give me anti depressants, and I haven't heard good things about them from friends. My anxiety was also sky high at that point, and I don't know if it's just me, but it's only when I am anxious that I manage to be productive? Anyway, because I was so scared of losing control of my mind, after a long and slow process I managed to get a bit better for a few months by changing my routine and trying to be healthy and focusing on what I should be grateful for, but it didn't last for long. Since then, it's been quite a traumatic year, I won't go into detail, but there were two big tragedies, and this time round I can't seem to pull myself back together like before so I am thinking of going to my GP.

Has anyone here recovered from depression? Is that even possible or will my whole life just been a few good months followed by another long period of depression?

I'm also concerned about going to my GP and whether they will actually by sympathetic and not just send me away with some life style tips. Everything feels like so much effort at the moment, I'm worried if that happens I might just give up, there's no fight left in me.

And finally, I know this sounds silly, but I'm struggling at the moment with getting myself to work everyday. The effort that takes is ridiculous, I barely have enough energy to climb the stairs to bed at the end of the day. How am I suppose to get myself to therapy on a regular basis? I can see myself going the first few times but I'm worried I won't be able to keep it up, and then I will of ruined my chances of getting help, and they won't want to waste their time with me after that.

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  • Hi jessica sorry to hear your having such a poor time i would say please go to your gp and tell them how youve been feeling ! Regarding not hearing good things about anti depressents everyone is different and the treatment is different also ! The lack of energy is quite common in people with depression how is your sleeping pattern ? Please go and see your gp and take care david

  • Hi David, thank you for that :) I know I definitely should, it's just getting up the guts to go I think. My sleeping has been a huge problem for years, it's a running joke in the family that I could sleep through anything. I have four alarms and I still manage to sleep through them sometimes, I had to move back home because I was getting in a lot of trouble at work because of it and needed someone to make sure I got up. I've been to the doctors for it in the past, and they put it down to stress, but that was before I realised it might be depression so I didn't mention other symptoms other than being tired all the time and over sleeping constantly.

  • Hello Jessica,

    I predict that the answer to your question is, “no”; there is nobody here who has “recovered” from depression. There is no virus to defeat, no fever to sweat out, no broken bones to be healed so no “recovery” to a 'normal' state. BUT the good news is that there will be many former users of this site who now successfully manage their journey through life without repeatedly spending days and nights in a deep, dark, dungeon. You might need help to understand why your inner self decides to visit your personal prison cell. Your GP, no matter how understanding and supportive, will not have the time that is necessary to talk at length with you, to understand and help …. But he or she can refer you to a specialist counsellor who will have time to listen and work out a programme with you. Regarding medication, after 2-3 sessions your counsellor, together with your GP, may suggest an anti-depressant but this would be a supplement, not a replacement, for ongoing therapy.

  • Hi honey I am sorry you are feeling so low but can tell you that life gets better. You might not get better as such but you learn ways to cope with it, and yes one of those might be to use meds. GPs have heArd it all before so you should not feel ashamed or anxious about going to see them. They will listen and try to help. If they suggest meds do consider it, for some of us on this site meds worked and therapy didn't, for others it's the other way round. If you want to try therapy first you can always look online to find your nearest IAPT service ( often called talking therapies or something similar) you can mostly self refer and they can offer you help. It could be a group to go to, or infividual therapy. If you don't have the energy to go to see them then they are normally able to offer you support over the phone so you don't need to go in. They can help you make changes which can help you feel better. If it doesn't work the first time or you can't keep going, again they see that a lot too. You have to be ready for therapy so if you need to go back after a break they will take you back. The only thing they dntt like is people who just don't turn up, if you cancel your appointments at least the day before they can offer the appointment to someone else so it's no trouble.

    Please do get in touch with services and ask for help, they are there to help you and it can make a difference. Also use the free phoneline said like Samaritans when you are having a bad day they are anonymous and happy to listen,, and of course come on here we have all been through it and want to help.

  • Jessica

    Been tired before bed and as you arise is part of Depression, it is important you make an appointment with your GP, ASAP.

    Most people get cured of a depression while others may have outbreaks at various times in their Lives. The last group suffer generally for their life, like me with a Chronic Disability.

    You can do some research, talk to your GP and ask about MINDFULNESS a relaxation technique, that may help.

    You mention a bad, upsetting period in your life where this all started, you need to talk to your Doctor and I hope He will arrange a course of CBT

    Talk to your GP


  • Hi Jessica, many people believe their is no 'cure' for depression, however, it depends how you see depression. I suffered depression from my teens into my late 30s, and it stemmed from suppression of my emotions when my uncle died when I was 10. However, I had no awareness that my suppressed grief could have caused such difficulties but it did. I was angry, withdrawn, hated who I was, until after discovering yoga, mindfulness, self development, I gained greater knowledge about myself, most importantly that I am NOT my depression. Depression is a feeling we have, and when we are able to understand that it is controlling us, and that we have the ability within us to have the courage to face 'depression' and work with it, i.e. make friends with it, comfort it, observe it, understand it, we then place ourselves in the position of being able to begin to manage it. The majority of my life now is high feelings, good days, when I have a down day, thats ok I work with emotions to navigate through them, observe them, and let them move on, just like clouds in a sky, the clouds never stay still, unless we believe we have a dark cloud following us, it just wants to be seen so it can move on. You tube has lots of mindfulness for depression relaxations, there are most likely mindfulness classes in your area, this may be something you like, it may not, however, there is hope! As the saying goes 'We can't stop the waves but we can learn to surf' I know that to be true, our emotions are like waves and we cant stop them, its part of being a human, however, we can get our surf board and ride them, with practice.

  • please please go to your gp its essential that you get the treatment you so obviously need.

    treatment is different for everyone, what may suit one person doesn't neccesarally suit another.

    you have lots of options you can try. I personally am on medication and having EMDR treatment

    which has been helping a lot. Maybe you could speak to your gp about all of the options open to you that are available in your area. he/she may suggest that they are going to do a watch and wait or maybe just medication or just therapy or a mixture of the 2. I hope this helps and please just go and see your gp for advice. Take care.

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