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Hi everyone, I'm new here and just looking for people to talk to. I'm a student studying English Language, Literature and Philosophy&ethics. I love reading, creative writing and drawing. Quite a boring person haha, but I can be funny occasionally!!! I never used to be boring when I was younger. However, I've grown and certain things have happened. I'm on 100mg Sertraline at the minute, having counselling and was diagnosed in January. How about you?? Would really like to get to know people on here! Don't be afraid to pop up xx

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  • Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I have suffered from life long depression but it's mainly mild with some nasty flare ups. The site can be quiet sometimes and I am sure more people will be along soon. x

  • Hi! Oh no, awful. I hope you begin to feel much better, thank you for saying hi. Lovely to meet you :) xx

  • That was my passion from an early age, English Literature and philosophy. I gained a BA in English Language and Literature and I , too, am an afficianado of creative writing, particularly poetry. I spent my final year in the hospital unit just off campus and cannot heap enough praise on the University's efforts to make my life as comfortable as possible so that I could continue with my studies. I've learned, however, that most people balk at the thought of talking about poetry or philosophy and over the years I have tempered my desire to do so in order to salvage friendships. That would go against the grain in the eyes of people such as Matthew Arnold and Sartre and Camus who is a particular favourite of mine, 'The Myth Of Sisyphus' being something of a bible for me. Yet if I have achieved at least one thing in my life it is that I have revived the name of of two of my outstanding writers, Sylvia Plath and Franz Kafka in the eyes of other people who had no idea who either of them was before meeting me. There is nothing 'boring' about literature or philosophy. In one way or another we are all subject to its passions at times. And so there is my introduction.


  • Well, hi John!! Nice to meet you.

  • I'm here should you wish to speak about anything, anxiety, literary works....


  • I'll bare that in mind. Thank you very much!!

  • Studying English Literature and Philosophy - although I cannot really understand why ethics is, as you suggested in your introduction, a separate study - ought to be enjoyed. Keep an eye on your spelling though, the word bare ought to be bear in the given context, but then pedantry is my second name!!! Good luck with your studies.

  • Whoops! Thank you.

  • Hi nice to hear from you. I suffer with health anxiety. Sorry you are struggling. I love to read a nice psychological thriller

  • Hi Maisie :)

  • Hi I have just joined, nice to meet you. I like drawing too. x

  • Hello! I'm from the UK and did a degree in English Lit. I'm older now. I take Citalopram 40 mg.

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