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I'm new

Hi there, I'm new. This forum is very different to others I've seen or been on, so forgive me if I'm not doing things right. I'm diagnosed with depression and BPD. I was doing better for a little while, but I'm ill again, and I hate it. I'm struggling badly; I'm lonely and don't really know what to do. I had hoped to find support groups in my area, but I'm finding it difficult to find anything. Certainly nothing for BPD. I'm 27, living in Lanarkshire, working but struggling with it...

Basically, I'm looking for support, understanding, friends...and hopefully be able to help others. I try not to be too selfish and offer support to others!

I have no idea what I'm whittering on about, sorry everyone!

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Hi Susieannah

Just wanted to say that it's really good to have you here, and you're not wittering on :)

I too have depression and BPD and so know where you are coming from, and how hard it can be.

I hope you find the forum helpful :)



Thank you Amanda. It's nice to have people who understand.

I will hopefully get to grips with this forum quickly, it will be useful to have some support. If anyone has any information on support groups in the Lanarkshire area, I will be very grateful! I'm in a completely useless phase at the moment, I'm afraid!

I look forward to getting to know people around here :)


Hi Susieannah, your very welcome to this site , you will

Find it helps as the people here are very caring.

So relax You have made a good decision

To join as it does help to know we are not alone.

Talk to you again



Thanks Hannah :)


I have found this a useful forum and has helped me a lot over the last few months - everyone is very supportive.

I'm afraid I just have bog-standard depression rather than BPM but you've already met someone else who has BPM.

For your information: you will get an email when people reply to your post if you've set up the alerts. Other people will only get an email if you use the 'reply to this' button rather than the reply - though people will be able to see the reply in news feeds and if they look in the post.


Hi susieannah

Welcome to forum, I have found the people on this site really helpful and supportive over the past few months. I have depression and also suffer from anxiety.

I hope you find the forum useful too

Jules x


Hey there, welcome to the mad house! It's always lovely to see a new member. People on here are ever so nice and there's always someone to talk to . I attribute so much of my recovery from a very deep and dark place, to the kind people on here who never tire of hearing me moan. It's one of the best forums I've been on. I'm not sure what BPM is, but it sounds exciting. I also have the big standard depression, but with a few ASD traits thrown in for good measure. I'm also a chronic worrier and diagnose myself with a different disease most days of the week. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you a bit more. Lucy x


Hi there and welcome. This site is so very good and people on here help and support you. I have found this invaluable and it helped me come back a lot from a very frightening place I was at. They never judge just support and advise and , what is so important is , we all know how you feel as we are there or trying to recover. Welcome. Love Julie xx


Thank you all for your replies, it's nice to get such a warm welcome!

Lucy, BPD is Borderline Personality Disorder, it's not a lot of fun! As with any mental illness!

I'm going to have a good look around the site today, try to find my way about! :)


There are a couple of Anxiety forums - including Anxiety Support - that might be helpful if you haven't found them already - have to say that I find the Anxiety Support a bit too busy but that's just me - bit of an old dinosaur :) Think I vary between diplodocus and velociraptor ... though may be a bit of stegosaurus thrown in for good measure.


Hi Susieanna

I can honestly tell you that if you're looking for support and to generally have a 'vent', then you've definitely come to the right place.

I suffer from depression and have for a very long time now, but I am also overcoming a major back operation, which is sort of adding to my depression! I have good days and unfortunately mega bad days,

This forum is one of the best and everyone one here is wonderful. We all have an idea of what each of us is going through and its great to know that should you ever need to vent your feelings, that there are loads of people who understand and will always do their best give you all the support you need. Its been a lifeline to me, as well as another community I am a member of to help deal with the physical pain I am going through.

So welcome to the community and post whenever you feel that you need or want I am positive someone will always be there!

Tracy x


Welcome Susieannah :)

Just wanted to chip in here to say that unfortunately Action on Depression doesn't have any services in Lanarkshire at present apart from online ones e.g. but we are looking to set up support groups in areas where we don't currently have any. In the meantime, for your area, have a look at - Lanarshire's first stop for on-line mental health and well-being information providing information for people seeking assistance with mental health problems.

Hope that's of some help to you.

Best Wishes



Thank you Catherine, I will definitely have a look at those sites.

Tracy and Gambit, I appreciate the replies, thank you both. I hope everyone is having a good day today!


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