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I'm new here

Hello world and all who inhabit it! I'm new to this site. I consider myself to be a depressed teenager . Idk what the doctor says about it but I have all the symptoms . I was in another support group but that ended . I often have thoughts of suicide and I'm always sad . I get this feeling of hopelessness and it dosen go away. I'm on this site to hopefully feel better about my self and to make new friends . I don't like to be judged so please don't . Feel free to talk to me .

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Hey, welcome to the site x




Hello and Welcome :)

I hope being here helps you, I know the support i have recieved from everyone has been amazing and nobody will judge you as we are all here for similar reasons.

You mentioned the doctors? have you been? have they suggested any therapy or medication to help you?

If not i would go back and see someone else until you get the help you deserve and need.

Ive been and they are there to help and listen! i needed help to get through my masters degree and moving to london and i have improved but life throws things at you that you cant avoid and still have ups and downs....thats where this site comes in!

Hope you find what you are looking for :)



Thanks soo much ! And London sounds great


Welcome to the site. We certainly don't judge each other here. I hope seeing your GP will be of some help.


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