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Hello All New Here..


Hello all,

I'm 56 years old and have been dealing with bipolar since I was 15 back then called Manic Depression..I just would like to meet like wise people who understand this illness...again very happy to be here!

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Hi, Same here. I am 62 and was diagnosed with manic depression in 1991, which as you say has been more recently categorised as bipolar. As to understanding the illness; I don't know. I have given up trying to understand it and just try and live with it, coping with the bad times and trying to control myself during the ups. I have tried CBT, group therapy, various drugs, and a number of self help books. Exercise has helped, but at the end of the day what I find most reassuring is coming on here and sharing. I don't understand how it helps; but it does. Good to have you here, and I hope that when I am going through one of my downs, one of my "I can't cope" phases you are here for me too. It's a good site, and with good people.

Good luck; and good to meet you



Thank you so much for the warm welcome it is much appreciated!

HI there, pleased to meet you. I'm going through the process of trying to get a diagnosis at the moment. Bipolar has been branded about, but now I'm wondering if it's BPD. Either way I know there are similarities so I am sure we will have lots to chat about x

Thank you so much I need to make friends right now I'm kinda out kilter now as my hubby and I are getting ready to move and alot to do.Thanks again!!

Hello Misunderstood1961, wishing you a very warm welcome to our caring community. It is good to see that you are already making good friends here as everyone is going through their own unique journey and can offer much support and friendship and understanding. I hope that you are receiving good support from your GP and perhaps local Mental Health Services. I f you feel that you are struggling, then perhaps make an appointment to see you GP and discuss any other treatment options, such as medication, counselling or CBT. With any long term illness, you will have some days which are perhaps easier ,while other days may be more of a struggle. Just trying to take each day as it comes and setting small realistic goals may help, and not to overdo things on a difficult day. Going for a walk, having a cup of coffee and a chat with a friend may help you too. Do keep posting here so that you will receive more support and just knowing that others understand and care, can be very helpful. wishing you all the very best and good luck to you.......

Thank you so much for the warm welcome,I feel at home already!!

Hello Misunderstood,

Excuse the delay in response. I have bi polar for over 20 years, I am 65. I take Lithium. Since being diagnosed I have fortunately had no relapses, I kept myself busy and refused to let it rule me. I rate Lithium very highly and no one outside my family are aware of my illness 😃. Welcome to the site.

Hi lin62-65ze.

It's nice to meet you.I have tried Lithium but unfortunately I become toxic on it,

I use Trileptel for a mood stabilizer and 5 other meds. I know I'm going to like it here I'm busy packing things as my husband and I are getting ready to move on the 3rd of February.I'm hoping this new move will make me a little happier as we our living in an environment with many young couples in apt house and moving somewhere with people our own age.Having this illness for so long you will think I have a handle on it but some days are a real struggle.With the new move I also will have to find a new Psych Dr and new therapist..so on ward and up ward and thanks again for the warm welcome!!!!

Lovely to hear from you 👍😊. Stay positive, my son also is bi polar and on Depakote I have had all of his ups and downs. I agree you see a new Psyc as they are all different and new therapist and soon be a new you. Contact me anytime love Helen xx



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