My Managed Care

My Managed Care

Here is an example of my managed care: When I'm stressed or anxious, doctors tell me to take Xanax or Klonopin, friends tell me to drink beer, wine, or smoke weed. When I'm depressed or depleted of energy, doctors tell me to take anti-depressants, Ritalin or Adderall, friends tell me to drink coffee or a five-hour energy drink. Chemicals are always the answer. I prefer to read and educate myself about anxiety and depression.

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  • Hello

    What sort of support or treatments are you getting in the USA as I do not understand the system you are looked after in for Mental Health. Are you having talking therapy or are you just ticking by under your own steam. Sad to say in the UK is given in a short period where treatments are given over a given time and are rationed.

    With my condition I now try and work through my condition on my own and now I feel I am upsetting those who wish to help.

    One problem an important one is we become cynical of our own needs as we fall into a group of patients that has become resigned to our own conditions and sometimes forget we are patients ourselves and therefore need that vital assistance. Personally I feel I have lost the realization that I have needs and just plod along in life feeling that our problem is boring and the medical profession feels we are making our conditions worse than they really are

    With my condition and my placings for Voluntary Work, we forget we are actually patients ourselves. That can become a great error.

    We cannot expect all answers we seek and problems and treatments in books or internet Theoretical and practical most times we need proactive treatments.

    Remember the old saying : Doctor heal they self. that can extend into a new saying

    Patient allow others to support your needs.


  • I'm with you there. I find that insight helps me greatly to move forward. Gemma

  • Never the twain will meet!

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