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Why does my GP put on letters alcohol dependent??

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I don't drink alcohol. I have not for 21years. I won't have people drink it in my place.

But I needed a doctors letter even though it mentions P.T.S.D and acute anxiety and depression it also says alcohol dependent.

I feel like screaming I HATE ALCOHOL. Take it off my records.

I was never an alcoholic. I drank cos I had a lot of problems back then.

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That is worth the fight - you get a lot of health problems from drinking and you should be able to get it of your record. 👍 well done 👏

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Chase888 in reply to Foggy123

Yes. It destroys every organ in the body.And it's only in the last 20years that alcohol has been highlighted about the dangers.

I have medication for anxiety and sleep AND in the last 21years I have had just 2 arguments. Both justified.

I would find that infuriating

Chase discuss this with your Doctor, twenty years is a long time and if you have not touched drink your GP should take this into consideration

Strange to say I used to smoke in the 60/70s and it was still mentioned on Insurance forms beginning 90s. I have never smoked since I was twenty six, now seventy. My new Doctor mentioned it when I moved and changed practice 2014. so discuss it next time you have an appointment

You mention PTSD, was your drinking attached to drinking at the time of original diagnosis . That may be the originak reason it is still mentioned and is part of your mental health concern.

I know I enjoy a Dram and a Beer and my GP knows, it is not mentioned on my notes. You are allowed in the uk to see your records from a certain time period if unhappy, Your Surgery will arrange a room and nurse or receptionist to be there when you go through your Records


Thanks BobWhen I used to have heavy bleeding I went to A+E and the doctor had written 'this very pleasant woman came to A+E' etc.

I was so touched by this.

I am telling you this cos I was out of control if I was drunk.

I once woke up in A+E cos under the influence I had stopped the traffic and laughed saying I had the looks to stop the traffic. Then a blank, and I woke up in A+E and they called the police.

In 21 years and no drink any dealing with the police have been positive.

Plus only 2 justified arguments.

Ask your Doctor Chase to take off the Drinking from your records.However I had problems with the Police many years ago, I was taken in and taken home after thirty mins in the cells. I was told that the incident although not guilty would remain on my records initially five years then possibly for Life. I had the Chief Super down at home where they admitted it was not all my fault, although the record of the insident remained, and it was just a warning it was the other person who had caused the problem.

I have had no problem since then and all I hope all has been forgotten. personally I would prefer to leave well alone now and forget the incident.

If not charged, leave well alone and as said earlier discuse your needs with your GP. In my case the incident happened over thirty years ago


Hello again Bob

I appreciate the advice you and other people have given me.

I am paranoid about asking anyone to do with my care about asking to have the information about alcohol taken off my records.

I have made a complaint about 'her' telling me to get a dog cos I looked after dogs years ago and they need a lot of attention.

I feel unless any doctor knows 100% about dogs they should NOT tell a patient to do that.

Then she said a cat.

Reality is no cat sanctuary will let anyone have a cat if the cat cannot go outside.

Sorry Bob but you were so helpful and other people said similar to you.

I'm glad you have your wife and I cannot ask just anyone cos many people just don't understand.

Love and best wishes to your wife.

Call them and ask them to remove it. Tell them what you have written here and see what they say. GPs don’t read your notes most of the time. My husband hasn’t had a drink for about 5yr but they still ask him how much he is drinking. It really winds him up and to be honest I think it is insulting.

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Chase888 in reply to LAAG

Thanks. Yes it is annoying.The way you are brought up is drugs are taboo but when you are 18 you can have a drink.

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Chase888 in reply to LAAG

Glad you said about it being insulting.I have been advised to contact my GP and explain.

I am unsure if they will take it off my medical records.

I don't like my new GP but in that practice they come and go. Hopefully she will leave.

A friend of mine at the age of 75 years obtained her medical records. She who is a highly respected religious sister was listed as a drug dealer. Not user, but dealer. Apparently when working in an inner city when she was 22 years of age she said to a GP "anybody can obtain drugs around here". !!!! All those years of visiting doctors not having any idea what was on her records. Notify your GP in writing (email) that you are not alc. dependent and insist that it is removed from your records. Apart from anything else it could influence treatment options. Well done from moving on from bad place in life. x

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Chase888 in reply to rossie1942

Thank you

I was surprised that after 53 years your friend was called a drug dealer.

I am not even a recovering alcoholic.

She has only been there a few weeks. My detective work tells me she qualified 9 years ago.

I'm mentioning this cos she told me to get a dog.

I looked after dogs for 15 years and now have poor health, plus I am not rich or I could pay a dog walker and a dog hotel if I had to go into hospital, plus a cleaner for my place

I could not do it all alone.

Meaning the doctor does not know what she is talking about.

WHEN has she ever looked after a dog alone for 15 years with no help

She should get her facts straight plus she doesn't know.

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