Pending drs visit

Well the day has arrived that I'm at the drs, im really not liking forward to this but I know I have to do it. The good thing tho is my boyfriend has finally agreed to go with me.

I should be on a high at the moment as I'm moving into my new house this week too but im not, I feel really unsure about the whole thing. Think I just need to get today out of the way so I can move forward. My worst fear is being told to go away and see how I get on like they did last time as tho nothing was wrong. But I also fear blood tests this is something that one of the gps at my surgery always asks for no matter what but I have a major phobia of needles in veins and they can't do it because I shake uncontrollably.

I'll let you know how I get on later!

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  • Good luck with Drs visit. Just take deep breaths if getting blood test, it will be over

    In seconds . I am glad your seeing Dr.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Hannah x

  • Hello

    Good luck on your visit to the GP.

    With my chronic illness I have many blood tests each year and I have problems as they have problems with the veins so it can take up to three attempts to get it. When I was at my old GP Surgery I had to see the Specialist and He would refer me back to the GP as He was once trained in a Heamotology and He could generally get blood first time. Now my surgery has problems again and they need to get someone who can do it first time. This has gone on now for over thirty years and now I am somewhat blaze about it and I do turn my head away from the needle.

    The only advice is to warm your hands on a cold day before the test and just turn your head around, and away from staff who are doing it. When I am really bad they insert a cathater and this seems to work better.

    Try and relax it is not like they are removing gallons or pints so there is no problems with that small amount.

    Good Luck


  • I'm glad your boyfriend agreed to go with you, hope it all turns out well, do let us know. x

  • Why don't you let you boyfriend accompany you, but suggest he waits in the waiting room for you. Sometimes when we have someone with us, we become conscious of worrying about what they might not want to hear, and we forget things that we wanted to say. I agree that blood tests can be horrendous for some people, but what they are able to show is amazing. Often depressive symptoms are a result of an underlying cause that a blood test can help identify. Good luck x

  • Thank you for all the responses. My appointment seemed to go well this morning, my boyfriend was very supportive and helped me through it. I have been given citalopram, referred for cbt and given the number for a crisis team for when things are really bad. Apparently with the medication things will get worse before they get better but I think I can handle that knowing it before hand. My GP wants to phone me next week and I have another appointment the week after. He was really good and isn't too bothered about bloods at this stage but it is something we'll discuss and possibly look at when Im feeling a bit better.

    Positive feel for the day now.

  • Glad it went well! You with necessarily feel worse before you feel better. I didn't x

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