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Im not sure what love is anymore.

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My partner and I met in 2015 but didnt start dating until early 2016. He is not from England but I am, i am not sure if what we have is normal and this is thier way of living but one thing I do know. Is things used to be amazing. He would always want to protect me and always be at my beck and call.

But now he says im beneath him ):

Im not worthy to be with him. I'm stupid and think and im uneducated.

I do not go out of my way to hurt him sometimes i do silly things like leave my shoes on and go upstairs or raise my voice if we play fight in a store or something but then he just walks off and leaves me.

But he says im a hore, a peace of shit is better than me. He stoops to my level. Screaming at the top of his voice. I've never argued back with him i darent. It must be like 3 to 4 times a week now and it's making me ill.

Today he told me im not worthy to be alive. I'm thick and stupid and how did he be so unlucky to choice someone as thick and stupid as me.

This was because I raised my voice slightly in a store when he pushed my back (joking) but it hurt but I was laughing. But then he walked off.

Im not sure if its me i dont know. I daren't tell anyone I just dont know what to do 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

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Leave him now. There is no acceptance of this abuse. You are far better than him. Literally gather up your things and leave now.

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It is not you. You do not deserve to be spoken to in a very abusive way. It is not acceptable. There is no excuse. I would suggest that you end this relationship now. It is a very unhealthy relationship.

I wish you well,

Lottie x

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You need to leave him you sound a good one you don't deserve that if I treat a women like that I would just end it as clear it's not working

Hi TRISHAT, I'm sorry that you're going through this horrible abuse. If you're not sure what love is, watch this video. It's encouraging and it shows what love is and what it is not.

This is not normal behaviour in a healthy relationship and it is abusive, it will only get worse and you need to talk to someone and get away from it. If you feel you might be in danger if you leave, please call a domestic abuse helpline, it is confidential and they will help you.

You should not be treated like that and it is he that has the problem.

The national domestic abuse hotline : 0808 2000 247

Hope I'm allowed to say that.

Be safe x and keep talking on here

Thank you all so much for your kind words x it means so much and it's helped me to talk about it

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Anella in reply to TRISHAT

How are you doing today?

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He treats you like dirt and you don't know what to do!!!

Walk away!

In my opinion, you need to visit with a therapist who can help to guide you and set your self-thinking in order. Why in the world would you even begin to put up with that kind of talk?? You need to believe in YOURSELF...and not in him. You can not and will not get validation as to your worth from someone else... that has to first of all come from within you....PLEASE get deserve help and to find peace of mind and belief in yourself. Love and best wishes to you.

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I'm sorry that is your " relationship" my personal advice to you is LEAVE. This man is abusive and controlling he does NOT love you. That pathetic behaviour of his is indicative. Keep yourself safe . That is not love.

Love. Is not for everyone one that's what I'm sure aabout.i maybe even say that love doesn't exist, it just

how we name the way that we feel sometimes. on the other hand it's always good to believe that love exist)

Get away ! You got to get away!

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