A weekend of fun or anxiety?

Going away for the weekend tomorrow to a festival. Booked the tickets some time back when I wasn't feeling like this. Now the time has come. Things have been going well of late, but am quite anxious about the weekend. I'll be staying away and I'm stressing about the practicalities of getting there (don't know why, it's really straight forward and planned out) plus how it's going to go when I get there.

I'm really annoyed at how depression robs me of looking forward to stuff and has replaced it with anxiety.

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  • I agree with this. Depression stops you doing things. However, don't let it spoil your weekend. Try to have a good time.

  • Thanks. Will try my best. I'll let you know how it goes. Hope you have a good weekend too. Sue

  • I don't know about you, but if I actually manage to make it out in the first place, I tend to feel better within minutes of getting there. It's the anticipation, the stress of the practicalities and the change in routine that spoil everything for me. I hope you manage to enjoy at least some of the festival and the rain stays away for you! X

  • Thanks Suzie. Well the sun is shining here at the moment, taxi booked for 11.30, here I come ...... Enjoy your weekend. Sue xx

  • I agree with suzie it's the thought of it all thats the worse, once you are out and doing it, it never seems as bad....I do hope you enjoy it

    Sue x

  • Thanks Sue. I've got just under 3 hours before I leave, so I'll be on my way soon and doing it rather than thinking about it. Fingers crossed. Hope you have a good weekend too. Sue xx

  • Hope that you have a great time when you get there. I am always anxious before I start a journey but once I am on my way I am generally ok. Enjoy your weekend, don't let this demon depression spoil your enjoyment !! Have fun. xx

  • Thanks Jeffju, I'm just off to pack and I've decided I'm going to leave that "demon" out of my suitcase :-). If the technology works, I'll be able to post over the weekend on how it's going. Hope your weekend is a good one too. Sue xx

  • Thanks.... have a great time.

  • HI Sue I hope you have a great weekend. I have to say I would be the very same. I worry when there is a change of routine, but see it as doing me good. Just grit your teeth and emjoy the moment. Its a great buzz to be out in the fresh air enjoying Music.

    It will give you a lift too. I was meeting my tow sisters last night for a birthday meal, and likde you I felt anxious too, but once I got going it was fine

    Let us know how you get one, hope weather keeps sunny for you.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks Hannah. Glad to hear you enjoyed your meal. I agree. Its the anticipation thats the worst part. Ive just finished my first day and really enjoyed it. Im really pleased because just a few months ago I wouldnt have considered going. You have a good weekend too. Sue xx

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